Ask Your Spirit Guides: Two Guides

Lovely Duckling writes:

I’ve been told I have two guides that seem always to be with me. One I have come to know well, feeling its presence and receiving messages. The other has been completely unknown to me. I think this other guide recently tried to connect with me in a dream. I saw a distant figure that was out of focus and gave off a soft blue light. Was this a connection or just a dream?

Sincerely, The Lovely Duckling

Dear Lovely Duckling,

Woo-HOOO! Your question certainly took me to amazing places! Although I was aware of your Guardian Angel and a few other Spirit Guides when I connected to you, one Guide stepped forward so vividly and powerfully that it was difficult for me to see anything else. He literally appeared to be standing in the room with me, which is quite different from what I normally experience when interacting with Spirit Guides, and he gave me a detailed history of his incarnations.

His name is Father Andrew, but said that you’re free to call him Andrew, or Andy, Drew, or whatever is comfortable for you. He was wearing Catholic or Episcopal Priest’s robes, black with a clerical collar and long skirt buttoned up the front, like Vatican priestly staff, but he said that his tasks and focus are spiritual and social, not religious.

Father Andrew’s history is fascinating. He says that he was in some kind of religious or military order in every single lifetime, a Templar Knight, a Druid monk, a monk in England from late in Henry VIII’s reign to early in Elizabeth I’s rule, a Catholic priest in the 1940’s, and many more.

Most important, he tells me that in every lifetime he was somehow involved in working from within his religious or military order to fight for social justice, as he did helping Jews escape Nazi Germany. He has spent most lifetimes running under the radar, his life constantly in danger from exposure of his activities.

Although this is his first time as a Spirit Guide, he is now and has in many incarnations been reporting directly to one of the Ascended Masters who watch over the social, political, economic and spiritual evolution of life on earth. He declined to give me the Master’s name, but said he would give it to you. An Internet search of “Ascended Masters” plus the name “Alice Bailey” together will turn up enough information to get you started. The blue light you saw in your dream is a clue to the Master’s identity by the way.

This is an important and very powerful connection, and because of its intensity I want to remind you that you always have choice. You can find an important and vital destiny working with Father Andrew, or you can choose a different path. He will help you understand your alternatives as you develop your relationship.

You have an exciting life ahead of you, Lovely.


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