The Ace of Cups


I am sitting here reflecting on what to blog about today. I am drawn to the Ace of Cups. The Ace of Cups is the essence of the love and happiness suit. The Cup suit reflects emotions, intimacy, intuition, secrets, compassion and love. Examine your Ace of Cups. What does the picture show? How does this card make you feel? My Ace of Cups is an angel offering a large cup or chalice. The angel is near water to symbolize things that are free flowing, things that roll with the current or tide. Is the angel doling out a tiny bit of that sea? Or, is the angel offering a portion from something so great only small bits at a time can be handled?

All readers are conduits between what is unseen, to this plane. When called upon, we hope to help in guiding you to the place you want to be or reveal what you can not see. However, we don’t make things happen, we just bring vision.

Recently, I had a distressed client ask me when she’d ever find a soulmate. People were constantly letting her down. She wanted to give up. After settling into the reading, I laid out her spread. he was surrounded by Aces. Ace of Cups, Ace of Swords, Ace of Batons, Ace of Coins. She was also surrounded by Pages and Knights.

“You are surrounded by people with wings. You are being swarmed by young little people too. You have tons of deep connections. Real, genuine, divine connections, Louise.” “No, I am not,” she insisted, “everyone I know is useless to me. All I have are my pets.” “Do you have birds?” “Yes.” “Do you have dogs and cats?” “I rescue animals. I help them find homes. I do what I can,” was her reply. “Can’t you see these creatures are drawn to you because they know you WILL help? Shoot, any dog I come across would rather chase and bite me than be fed by me.” I said, trying to make her laugh.

I think it’d be interesting to see what others feel about the Ace of Cups. Does anyone have examples of your interpretation of divine love? Love of children, pets, family, and friends – not the love of mates, but the unconditional love of those we sometimes forget to appreciate…those who will always appreciate us.

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