Testimonial of the Day: Venus

Psychic Venus ext. 9463 “I asked Venus what my Spirit Guide would like to say, what his name is and what shoulder he sits on.

She replied: “He was jumping up and down” to get my attention and “wants me to listen to him and that his name is Samuel sitting on my right shoulder.”

Five years ago I took a workshop on connecting to your angels and guides. I had asked for my guide’s name and the answer was…you guessed it — Samuel who sits on my right shoulder! Wow!”

– D.U., Nepean

3 thoughts on “Testimonial of the Day: Venus

  1. Venus ext.9463

    Hi Lonnie,it’s a pleasure to meet you! I was able to connect really well with that client.It was so exciting to communicate directly with her guide as if he were my guide.


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