Testimonial of the Day: Alison

Alison “I love Alison ext. 9885, she’s so caring — she actually became the one person I love to talk to the most. She understands your pains and your happiness. She sure has been right on all of her predictions. She is the only person I consider a friend. I love to call her. When I  schedule a reading with her, I simply can’t wait for her to call me back. She has to be be the most charming, caring person I have ever talked too. I recommend her to anyone.”

– N.C., Melbourne

3 thoughts on “Testimonial of the Day: Alison

  1. Anya

    I totally agree with you N.C. I feel exactly the same way. Alison genuinely cares and her predictions are accurate. I’ve been reading with her for over a year now–have been going through a rough time in my life–and Alison has become my guide and friend. We often end our readings by saying “I love you.” It comes from the heart for both of us.

    A.I. Saratoga

  2. PE.

    Alison has this soft gentle voice and manner.

    Alison immediately tuned into everything that is going on around me and the fear I am in.

    She always calls the shots for what they are and told me about the dark dark energy around the other person. In fact she found she could not and did not want to get into the energy as it was so dark and draining.

    She told me what this person is up to and to be very careful, also to be careful regarding my safety.

    It is happening just as she said.

    What she said about another person getting in touch again is gradually happening.

    Please send lots of white light and protection my way.


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