Tarot: Make Your Life Better With the Fool

Everyone has crises in their life. Crises explode in front of us, and sometimes it’s difficult to even consider possible futures. This is an ideal time to contact a psychic for advice, but even with that guidance, do we have the courage to act, overcoming obstacles and changing our lives for the better? For some people, that courage is rare. Surprisingly, we may be able to find that bravery with the help of a fool.

Well, not “a fool,” but The Fool, the card numbered “0” in the Tarot. Hidden within its elegantly simple art are the keys to remind you that you are not merely a human; your spirit or soul are more than human and intended to reach astounding spiritual heights. We cannot reach those heights while bogged down with problems and issues. Reminding ourselves of our innate spirituality and letting us know that we can transcend our perceived limitations is an important aspect of the symbolism found on The Fool.

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at this card is its name. How can an image that is supposed to deal with spirituality be a fool? The answer is that this is a Divine Fool, a person who when told to focus on the mud on his or her feet prefers to focus on the stars. This Fool laughs at the petty and transient cares of humanity and prefers to become more spiritual. The Fool focuses not on God’s creations, but on God himself.

There’s another secret about becoming spiritual that is hidden on this card. You don’t have to work to become spiritual, you simply have to remember that you already are spiritual. This is shown in the use of the color white. The Sun in the background is symbolically a bringer of spiritual light. And yet, rather than its natural yellow color, it is white, revealing that white represents spiritual power. The mountains in the back are snowcapped, revealing that spirituality is the peak of human existence. The white dog in the foreground indicates that our evolutionary path (the dog evolved from the wolf) leads us toward increasing spirituality. The white rose traditionally indicates a spiritual journey to happiness, wisdom and bliss. The Fool’s real journey, however, is not through mountains or deserts. Rather, it is a journey within, as indicated by the white shirt that is under (i.e., within) the Fool’s long outer and worldly shirt.

The card’s number, zero, is circular in form, indicating that you can go round and round (implying multiple lives but also meaning that we can go in circles in this life) until you find the path that fulfills your spiritual nature. Zero is a “place holder” and not an actual number, as it indicates nothing. Thus, The Fool, covered in clothes of green indicating the physical world, is nothing until he or she starts on a spiritual path. Zero comes before one and is the ideal place to be before you start on your journey to happiness and contentment. Even though to people stuck in the physical world it appears that you are about to step off a cliff, you’re really about to begin the most incredible journey of discovery ever.

Attached to the stick the Fool carries is an elaborate bag called “The Fool’s Wallet.” Within that wallet are the Fool’s memories. Ah, but on the flap of the wallet is yet another white rose, indicating that these are memories that will lead to a simple discovery: you are a spiritual being, meant to be happy, meant to have love, meant to achieve your goals, and meant to remember that the physical world provides you with a place to recall all of these memories if you can trigger them.

Luckily, triggering the memories of your spiritual nature, your God-given right to happiness, love, and success, is easy. Simply meditate on this card for three minutes in the morning and the evening. Your unconscious mind understands the symbolism even if your conscious is unaware of it. By just looking at the card for three minutes, morning and night, you will literally be programming your unconscious to reveal those memories and put you into action in ways that will overcome all obstacles to the peace, love, and success that is your birthright. Meditating on this Divine Fool can lead you to the changes in your life you want and need.

Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy, and has become a certified hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner. His book, Modern Magick, is the most popular step-by-step course in real magick ever published.

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  1. jeanne mattox

    hi my name is jeanne i like what you say. i am going through alot of family issues my self. i have been reading my horascope for this year. i am wanting to open a thrift store and things for myself and my family life i think it will help me feel more complete and more self cofidenc i was wondering if this was going to happen for me and that my marriage was going to be ok.can you don a reading for me?


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