Taking a Chance on Following Your Dream

Angela S. in San Diego, CA asks:

Dear Tansy,

I have read many of your blogs and articles and know that you will “tell it like it is.” I really need someone to look and tell me what the future holds for me if I pursue a goal that I have had in mind for a long time.

My grown children tell me that I should stay with the job I have, that it is too risky for me to pursue the business idea that I have in mind. But I know that if I don’t go for this now, I never will. Can you tell me if I will be successful in the self-employment that I have planned? It has been my dream for so long.

Dear Angela,

First of all, I want to tell you that I clearly see how much your children are against this change that you want to make in your life. They want stability for you and see you only as their mother, not as an individual who needs to grow in another direction. It is hard for you to pursue your dream when the ones closest around you are opposed to it.

I see also that you do have the financial resources to go ahead with this dream. It is indeed now or never for you. If you do not go ahead with your plan now, I don’t believe you will ever have the drive and resources to do it again in the future.

I see with great clarity that you will make a success of your goal. At first, it will indeed be hard, and at times you will wonder why you decided to pursue this. But with the drive and tenacity that I see in your mind, you will succeed.

Go with your dream! Don’t let the people who love you discourage you from this, with all their good intentions. You’re ready to take this on, and I see great profit ahead. It’s easy for us to stay in one spot, and harder to forge ahead, but I do want you to know that good things are coming for you.

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4 thoughts on “Taking a Chance on Following Your Dream

  1. Symba Ruthfur

    Dear Tasnym,

    I have 2 kids but they are with my husband since we separated. He got married with someone else so I want to take our kids. The court’s decision long time back was to give him the right to raise our kids,but he was unmarried. Now he is staying with someone else.



  2. Denny Smith

    Dear Tansy,

    I want to separate with my husband but I am afraid because our kids might think that I am the one who creates the problem of the family. I found out that my husband has an affair with his best friend. He is a bisexual.

  3. mergenia fernandez

    Dear Tansy,
    I have read how you are giving advise to a letter sender and I trust you.

    I’m in in love with a man who’s named is mohamed Gad Al Basyouny. He was born on 30-Jan-82 while my birth date is 7-May-79.He had more exrelations. He proposed me for a love and I accepted it. I doubt his feelings because he doesn’t give time even to call or ask me for a date outside. He is just few minutes passing by at the office greeting me “Hi”. But whenever I ask him if he still love me he says yes he does. He is an aquarius and I knew this sign character as per my reading. Anyway though he is a player I still love him much and he knows how Im patient with him. I dream of marrying him. Please tell me if really does love me and am I going to be successful for his real love?




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