Numerology: Find Love and a Real Relationship in 2011

If you’ve enjoyed the champagne effervescence that added sparkle to your love life during this past Universal 3 Year, you may find yourself wondering where all the fun went once we enter 2011. That’s because 2011 is a practical, detail-oriented and pragmatic Universal 4 Year (2+0+1+1 = 4).

To help you understand how a Universal 4 Year will affect your romantic prospects, let’s look first at 4’s love style.

4 isn’t likely to surprise you with a dozen roses, or welcome you home in in a black negligee. Instead, 4 will work long hours to be sure there’s enough money to support the family, will see to it that everything in the house is in perfect working order, or that there’s a tasty, nutritious dinner. 4 is honest, honorable, steadfast and dependable, both emotionally and financially, and won’t wimp out in a crisis. In short, if you want a stable, long-term relationship, you couldn’t ask for a better partner.

And, while amazing sex doesn’t immediately come to mind in the face of this description, be assured that if you provide the imagination, and give your 4 lover a detailed description of what you like, no one – I repeat, no one! – will do a better job than a devoted 4 in seeing to it that your every whim is satisfied in great detail, and with plenty of stamina and enthusiasm.

With 4 as the dominant energy this year, it’s no surprise that last year’s glamor and excitement could fade pretty quickly. The good news is that it’s a very favorable year for finding out if your romance could become a long-term relationship, and for finding a better partner if it won’t. And if you’re already in a long-term relationship, let this 4 year inspire you to rejuvenate your sex life and increase your partnership’s strength, stability and longevity.

Just be sure you check out your loved one’s Destiny/Power/Life Path number and name numerology as well as your own before you make a move. If you haven’t done numerology before, simply follow these links for instructions, and then check out each number’s romantic prospects below.

1 – For all your adventurousness, you can be surprisingly pragmatic when it comes to choosing a life partner. If you’re in the market for a long-term relationship, this year’s energy will definitely help.

2 – The energy of 4 is very compatible for you, and could help you find a way to make your secret longing for a stable, caring and supportive relationship come true.

3 – Although you usually find nitty gritty stuff pretty boring, this year you may discover that finding a dependable, practical mate is an extremely sexy idea.

4 – If you’ve been putting off your search for a mate, now’s the time. One caution: Try not to go overboard with the practicality, even in a current relationship. You might miss something important!

5 – Don’t be surprised if your usual playmates suddenly start hinting around about the “L” word and the “M” word. It’s just that kind of year.

6 – Just reading about this 4 year probably made your heart go pitty-pat, and you’ve undoubtedly already thought of ways to strengthen and deepen your relationship.

7 – If your introverted tendencies have made you put off finding a mate, it’s time to move it to the top of your list. If you’re mated, then brainstorm how to make it better.

8 – You want a mate who’s a match professionally and materially, and everything about this year supports achieving that goal in current or potential relationships.

9 – Has it occurred to you how wonderful it might be to have a stable, practical partner who, while not always sharing your vision, is happy to support it? Look around you!

11 – You’ll be running smack dab into reality around every corner this year. It’s a hint from the Universe that you might like to add an earthy, practical element to your dreamy reality.

22 – If you want a present or future partner to contribute solid, tangible and stable support for what is undoubtedly a very busy, high-octane life, now’s the time to make it happen.

While this year won’t provide the extravagant, exciting aura of romance and adventure that we in 2010, especially once we leave the Chinese Year of the Tiger behind on February 3, it is a real opportunity to attract or create an enduring partnership, or to strengthen and stabilize your present one.

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