Meet Your Spirit Guides: Take a Calculated Risk

Carole from Havant, United Kingdom writes:

I have an ongoing issue with my marriage of over thirty years – we’re only in our early fifties now.

It’s never been a good partnership, and like most, we carry on for the kids. I really don’t want to be in this marriage. The number of arguments my husband starts seem to be a classic symptom of wanting out himself. Our financial worries – which tend to keep most of us chained up – is the block at the moment. He is having affairs, and I never have. He is the sort to want it all, and would not wish me the same goodwill.

I had a reading the other day. She ended by saying that the universe was hanging a big sign over my head to get the hell out, but I was ignoring it. Yes, that is typical me, always hoping that things will get better.

She posted a recording of the session, and I played it back. At the end, where she commented about getting out because he is using me financially, his calculator, which had been sitting on the top of the speaker, fell with an almighty bang and flew across the floor. Gosh, did I jump!

I told the person who gave me the reading, and she laughed a lot.  She agreed that it was a message, and to cut my losses and run.

Dear Carole,

Thanks for your delightful letter! It’s an outstanding example of just how angels and spirit guides contrive to give us direct, clear, unavoidable, and incontrovertible messages when we need them.

I laughed, too, when I read about the humorous directness, and was amazed at the levels of symbolism in that brief moment.

I’m told by your guides that there’s another message in that moment. Calculating as he is, your husband’s power is balanced precariously on a bunch of noise, and will fall very easily. I suspect he works to keep you a bit intimidated, and your guides feel strongly that you are more than capable of facing him down, if you’re prepared.

Rather than running, I would recommend taking a bit of time, a few weeks to a month, to prepare yourself. Then deal with your husband after you’re very clear about your goals, have found a lawyer, and gathered together the documents you’ll need to make whatever points you choose to make about financial settlements.

Your husband appears to me to be a paper tiger, and you’re far smarter and stronger than you realize. Embarking on this new journey with courage and clarity will help you realize that.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Take a Calculated Risk

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  2. tsue

    Other than the name, location and the time frames, this is me. Odd to see it written out, but very helpful. The advice given is exactly what i thought i needed to do. Currently, working on my escape plan, being held currently by very strong financial bindings. Thanks for sharing!


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