Spotlight on Psychic Josie ext. 5520

Discover the Intuitive Brilliance of Psychic Josie

Josie ext. 5520 is a fourth generation intuitive who grew up in a family where mysticism was commonplace and psychic abilities were inherited from one generation to another. Initially reluctant to use her gifts, she eventually accepted her intuitive strengths and honed her talents by working with healers, spiritualists and metaphysicians. Josie uses her clairsentient and clairvoyant skills to quickly assess your fears, help you find your truths and sort through life’s issues. As an empath, she is adept at picking up on your feelings and even detects thoughts you may not recognize you’re having. She will get to the source of those feelings and offer real solutions.

Josie ext. 5520 considers herself an “Intuitive Life Coach” who instills in her callers the belief that everything in life should be approached with a positive “can-do attitude.” She welcomes all questions and offers specialized guidance in areas of relationship issues and family advice. Josie says, “Don’t bury your head in the sand and let life just happen to you. Being proactive with solid, intuitive advice will make you happier and more successful than you could ever imagine.”

Check out what some of her clients are saying about her—their praise is amazing!

D.L. from Millstone says:

“Wow, I really enjoyed my reading with Josie! She’s amazing. She connected immediately. The information came flowing out without any information from me. She gave me predictions and I cannot wait to see them come true. She also gave me solid advice. I loved her personality and truthfulness. I cannot wait to read with her again. Thank you, Josie!”

Maria E. from Nutley says:

“I just got off the phone with Josie ext. 5520. I have spoken to her many times over the past few weeks and she has never wavered from her timeline. She knows what I am thinking before I say it. Josie explains to never do anything out of fear. Thank you, Josie, for your faith and guidance.  I believe in you!”

C.B. from Charlotte says:

“Thank you, Josie, for the reading. You always remember me and my situation. I highly recommend for you to give Josie a call because you won’t be disappointed.”

Allison from Los Angeles says:

“I have read with Josie three times now, and each time she connects with me very quickly. She remembers me with great clarity and defines situations with utter confidence and true connection. I feel better each time I speak with her. I highly recommend reading with her if you have the opportunity. She’s kind, true and sincere.”

L.C. from Punta Gorda says:

“It’s always amazing how fast she connects with me! I love her confidence. The exciting thing is that she is so incredibly accurate! She truly cares about all her clients and there’s never any judgement! Josie continues her own growth in her gift by always doing research on so many aspects that can help guide her clients towards more of an understand of what she sees! One reading with her and you’ll be hooked! Amazing!”

Kerri from Green Island says:

“Josie is amazing. Any time I’ve called her she’s been accurate! I will be continuing to talk to her!”

M.C. from Burbank says:

“I have spoken to Josie ext. 5520 a handful of times and can honestly say she is amazing. She is accurate about things going on in my life. She has been spot on about predicting things that will happen related to my finances as well as my personal and professional life. She even gave me dates! It was so specific and detailed that I was really skeptical… until it all happened! She is extremely accurate and easy to talk to and tunes in very quickly. The best!”

Soo from Brooklyn says:

“Josie ext. 5520 is amazing. She is super fast and super talented. She won’t waste your time. She has tons of knowledge. Just have a pen handy! I am excited about my future and can’t wait to call her back with confirmations.”

What can Josie ext. 5520 see for you? Give her a call!

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