5 Easy Ways to Talk About Sex With Your Partner

Let’s Talk About Sex!

Talking about sex with your partner is perfectly normal and actually very healthy. It should be a natural conversation you have frequently as it is a big part of your relationship and it shouldn’t be an utterly excruciating experience. But talking about sex can be a very sensitive topic for couples and there are ways in which you can have this discussion so it is easier on you both. Here are 5 easy ways to talk about sex with your partner:

Understanding is Important

It is very important that you try to understand where each other is coming from with regards to talking about sex. Be an active listener and listen to what your partner has to say. If they have concerns about your sex life, listen to them express their feelings and offer your feedback when you feel it is the right time. Couples that openly talk about sex have a much stronger bond than those who do not. The more you listen and try to understand your partner and their sexual desires, the closer you will become. Lack of communication is a killer for any relationship so keep the door open to anything your partner wants to talk about.

Talk in the Bedroom

One of the best and easiest ways to talk about sex is when you have actually just had sex. Your inhibitions have been lowered and your mind is in a foggy state of happiness. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be to bring up sexual desires, fantasies and anything else you may have had on your mind. You might want to talk about how often you have sex, your erogenous zones and any news positions you’d like to try.

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Show and Tell

Some couples find it easiest to talk to their significant other while actually showing them specific sexual acts. Chances are you have already left your inhibitions at the door to your bedroom, so why not show your partner what feels good and talk them through it. This can lead to a great deal of excitement and may lead to some extremely satisfying hot and steamy sex.

Q & A Session

Make a list of everything you want to focus on during your conversation with your partner. Ask your partner questions and wait for their answer. Ask them to make a list as well so you can both discuss and address each issue. If you are really shy, then write down your thoughts and let them read it and respond.

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Email Can Help

While this isn’t exactly talking, emailing can break the ice and lead to a full-on conversation about sex. This tactic works especially well for those who suffer from shyness. Make a list about sexual positions you want try, express what you like and don’t like and mention any concerns you may have. Later, ask them what they thought about your email. Make sure you take the leap from the email conversation to a live one so your feelings can be acknowledged in person.

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