Spiritual Insights: Your Soul Support Group

Soul Contracts and Your Life Support Team

Jill of Highland says:

I had a dream last night that I was in someone’s house, and there was a group of people that came in to be with me and sit with me. We all sat in a circle, and somehow or another I knew all of these people. It’s like we were having a meeting, and I was so excited to see all of them.

There was a little girl in particular that told me she was the little girl in my dreams, and she had curly, blond hair with a headband in her hair, and a black and white flowered dress with ruffles at the bottom. I was so excited to finally meet her! I don’t know her name, but she said that she was there to help me. However, I don’t know with what. I know the one of the guys was named Abel, and he was an older gentlemen, and there was someone not everyone is allowed to or can see.

But I’m wondering why we gathered around, and what they were there to help me with? Are they all my spirit guides or angels all gathering together? They were men, women, the little girl, young, old. It was actually pretty cool, and I’m so surprised at how vivid everyone was, and I could see them as clear as day. Can you tell me what they were there to help me with, or why we were all there? Thanks!

Dear Jill,

I got so excited about this dream experience of yours, because it taught me something new and quite wonderful.

I initially thought that you were dreaming about the meeting you held with your soul family and friends as you prepared for birth into this lifetime, something I believe everyone experiences but few remember… but it turned out to be even more exciting! It was a regular gathering of your soul family which, at least in your case, occurs approximately every ten years, with special meetings at important turning points of your life.

Perhaps you’re an exceptional case, but I just love the idea that we might all be blessed with these periodic gatherings of soul support, a kind of en”light”ening family reunion, if you will.

The people at your meeting have many roles in your present and past lives. Some are spirit guides for this lifetime; at least two are people you know now (but who appeared in past life forms), and the mysterious presence who was hidden from some participants is an angel whose energy is so powerful that not everyone in your soul family is able to tolerate its intensity. The little girl you were excited to meet is a new, main spirit guide, and is an ancestor. She says if you do a little research you’ll be able to figure out who she is.

And don’t worry about remembering the details. They’re implanted in your energy field.

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4 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Your Soul Support Group

  1. teri817teri817

    Hi Verbena,
    I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had a dream very similar to this one a few nights ago. I was the guest of honor at a going away party, and there were about 7 or 8 people there seeing me off to wherever I was going. Because we all were sitting side-by-side at a bar, the only person I could clearly see was the man sitting directly to my right. I didn’t recognize him, but in the dream I thought it was my boyfriend, John. Then suddenly I was taken to my “family farm” in the middle of a corn field and was walking toward a small house by myself. Then I woke up :). BTW, I downloaded the books you suggested onto my Kindle and will do my homework for the next time we speak:) Thanks for everything!

  2. Leisha Gibbons

    😀 awesome stuff I have been sleeping with some incence sticks and have had some pretty intense dreams 😀 i reckon they sumbolise the new life I am to endure and that my guides are somehow educating me for the future.

    Verbena you know the display pic of the “white shadows” on this page I have seen them in my room and even enter my little sister’s room. One day my besty came to my house on my bday on vals day, she sat on the table with me while I made her coffee, As we began to chat. She looked over my shoulder and froze a bit. At first I didnt think much of it, even when she began to talk a bit odd. Then later she confessed she saw what appeared to be a “white ghostly” figure as soon as my besty made contact with it it gave her negative cold vibes. Next day my besty came with some incense sticks, cadnles and prayers and we did a house cleansing ritual, coz we were both freaked if the spirits weren’t negative or wanted to coz harm. I believe they came with the old porcelaine dolls my mum purchased from ebay cos that is where she felt the strong vibes.

  3. misskrystal

    Verbena-You are so awesome at identifying spirit guides. Have you ever heard of a mystery spirit guide?
    Well, I have one, and it has been very accurate. It will not reveal who it is. Has anyone had this?
    Huggies, Miss Krystal


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