How to Get the Most Out of Your Psychic Reading

Ever wonder what you should do to get a great reading? Whether you’re looking for an astrologer, clairvoyant, medium, or Tarot reader, check out the following suggestions and the great tips from Psychic Lalita ext. 5408 (who also provides a unique service – totem readings!).

Before You Call

  • Gather your questions. Some suggest writing them down, so you can be reminded what you wanted to ask. Others recommend to ask open ended questions instead of yes/no. This allows the psychic to better connect to the energy of the question.
  • Turn off distractions, like the TV, computer or phones.
  • Center yourself. Our emotions can sometimes get in the way of what you truly want to know. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and allow your mind to become more balanced.
  • During the Call

  • If you’d like a specific tool to be used, let the psychic know.
  • Allow the psychic a few moments to connect with you and your questions.
  • Open yourself for discovery. The psychic might just see something you don’t!
  • Tell them if you’re confused or not understanding.
  • Take notes. These are useful to help you reflect on the reading afterwards and to remind you of predictions.
  • After the Call

  • Record your impressions, things you learned and any new questions you need to explore.
  • Relax! Sometimes the new information can be overwhelming. Allow it to sink in.
  • Leave a comment or testimonial for the psychic online or with Customer Care 1.800.573.4830.
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