Lover’s Tarot: November 10-16

Lover's Path Tarot: November 10-16 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

The Lover’s Path Tarot combines beautiful imagery with well known love stories from myth and literature spanning many centuries. This deck’s creator, Kris Waldherr, states that the theme of the deck is focused on how our relationships with others ultimately reflect our relationships with our deepest selves, and even predict how the cosmos will seem to interact with us. The titles, cited in parenthesis, follow the names of cards in more traditional decks when they differ from each other and reveal the inner essence of the card within the context of love and relationships.

It is an act of self-knowledge, Waldherr believes, to reflect on what we want in a relationship and what we believe we are worthy of. Our prejudices and how we connect with others mirror truths about ourselves. Falling in love can be seen as a huge act of bravery because we expose our vulnerabilities.

Come journey through this labyrinth of loving images with me now. Obviously, this deck is terrific to use for love readings and can be an excellent tool to use when we’re seeking answers together in relationship issues with partners and friends. It also sheds light on business and work situations, health, self-expression and, really, all areas of life because in all areas we are engaged in some form of relating. Let’s ask Spirit to help us discover our deepest selves through the Lover’s Path Tarot as we enter this week!

November 10 – Sunday

The World (Triumph)

Within the context of love, this highest Major Arcana card of ultimate success is called “Triumph” for an excellent reason. This card holds a beautiful picture of mythological characters Ariadne and Dionysius embracing. Though jilted and left stranded by her lover, Theseus, Ariadne didn’t realize that a greater and more perfect love was on its way to her. Dionysius, the god of intoxication and ecstasy, fell in love with Ariadne for her loyalty and bravery. She became a goddess by marrying him and lived her reward out blissfully the rest of her life. This card tells us today that as bleak as something feels to us right now, it is not the end of the story! The Universe never removes something from our lives without replacing it with something better, if we are willing to look up and receive it. Let’s ask:

How can I stay open and receptive to my greatest good today, realizing that it may come in unexpected, surprising ways?

November 11 – Monday

The Hanged Man (Sacrifice)

The lovers on this card are Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus, son of Apollo, loved Eurydice, madly and completely. When she died, he was inconsolable and asked the goddess Persephone to release her from the land of the dead. To convince the goddess to do him this favor he used all the force of his beautiful musical ability to persuade her to do so. She finally agreed on one condition. Orpheus must not look at Eurydice until they returned home safely. He could not, though, accept that sacrificial condition and broke the agreement. He lost Eurydice forever. This card calls us today to make a short term sacrifice of great difficulty for a long term benefit which promises it will be worth it. We are in an uncomfortable limbo caught between worlds, perhaps. This card asks:

What short term pleasure can I give up in order to gain a better pleasure of greater length later?

Let’s support each other in doing it.

November 12 – Tuesday

The Magician (Magic)

The lovers featured on this card are Merlin and Vivianne. They are working magic together. The famous wizard and advisor to King Arthur was Merlin, who in old age fell in love with the lovely Vivianne. The story proves that the only thing more powerful than magic is love, because his love for Vivianne made him vulnerable to her “spells” despite his monumental self-control. So, since love is so powerful, let’s ask:

How can I use the ultimate power of love today for my own good and the good of others?

November 13 – Wednesday

Seven of Coins

This card is about waiting with patience. It could be for the conclusion of a creative project, the birth of a child, or for a relationship to flower. Yes, it could also be a literal flower or vegetable garden! Just as children need love and patient attention to mature and blossom, so will a project we are seeing through to the end need those things from us today. The card is asking:

How can I increase my patient attention toward something that matters to me in order to see it grow healthfully and fully today?

November 14 – Thursday

Judgment (Judgment)

Tannhauser and Elizabeth are the lovers depicted in this card. Although he loved Elizabeth, the adventurer Tannhauser left her to travel the world alone. He was seduced by none other than Venus herself who captured him and took him to her kingdom to live. But, after a while, he began to long for his true love, Elizabeth. Others could not be convinced that he was worth taking back. He went on a penitential journey and coming back to Elizabeth she fell into his arms in love and forgiveness. Tragically, she died instantly, leaving only the memory of her pure love behind. Let’s ask:

Which of my desires today come from a higher place of consciousness, and which from a lower? Now that I know the answer, what choice will I make?

November 15 – Friday

Nine of Swords (Arrows)

I know this is rough. This is a card of regret. The woman pictured holds a box of keepsakes from a true lover she has slighted and insulted. Now he is gone forever. She can only go forward. She can’t change her actions of the past. On this card, a “demon” standing behind her hands her another arrow of memory and self-blame to increase her grief even more. She sits on her bed, sleepless, her head in her hands, collapsed in sadness and despondency. The card’s imagery suggests to us the truth that we can only go forward from the present. Regret and guilt are the weapons we aim at ourselves that keep us paralyzed. Let’s ask:

Now that I’ve learned an evolutionary lesson through a decent regret for harm I have done, how can I go freely forward to a more skillful and positive way of life today?

November 16 – Saturday

The High Priestess (Wisdom)

Now a story from the Arabian Nights. Shahrazade, the brilliant bride of King Shahriyar, saved the lives of all the maidens in the kingdom along with her own. Shocked by the infidelity of his former wife, Shahriyar vowed to marry maiden after maiden, killing them the next morning before they had the chance to betray him. The clever and wise Shahrazade decided to tell him stories each evening that ended with a “hook” of “more to come.”  Each morning he couldn’t kill her because he wanted to find out what would happen next in her sagas. She is pictured on the card facing us, while Shahriyar lounges behind her with an expression of avid curiosity.

Her stories ranged from comedy to erotic, historical tales, and j everything imaginable in between. Over one thousand and one nights, she entertained the king this way, displaying her wisdom and heart in the process. He came to trust her, saving her life and those of all her sisters in the kingdom!

This card asks:

How can I get knowledge, then humor, and then turn them into wisdom? How can I employ it to make my relationships and my entire life better?

The Burning Question Spread:

(Read this spread together with a lover)

Focus and ask, “What do we burningly need to know together?”

Shuffle and select seven cards randomly from the deck. For simplicity, lay the cards out in whichever order you generally prefer and read sequentially from one to seven. (There is an excellent layout for this spread displayed in the accompanying spread sheet with this deck.)

Card 1- This card is the essence of the situation

Card 2- What are the influences and obstacles in this situation?

Card 3 & 4- What are our hopes, fears, worries and desires about this?

Card 5 & 6- Suggestions and options to consider

Card 7- The outcome

Thanks for being with me this week! See you again.

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