Soulmate Snapshots

“I knew she was my soulmate the moment I saw her face.” “When I saw his
picture on the Internet I immediately knew I needed to connect with
him.” Clients sometimes share these kinds of stories with me during
psychic readings.

Ever notice that when we begin sharing the story of our “first sighting” of our soulmate, we usually begin discussing the face of our beloved? When I do a reading most questions center first on the person’s eye and hair color – and especially on what the face looks like. What compels us to focus on our soulmate’s face in this way?

I believe that we all have a blueprint our soulmate’s face in our soul – a snapshot inside of us. So when we see them for the first time, there’s a strong sense of knowing, with instantaneous certainty, that – yes! – this is the one. It’s wonderful to experience instant recognition with a client when they are sharing the face of their beloved with me, and how they just knew in one moment that their soulmates’ eyes and face had found theirs at the same time.

Do we have the ability to know in advance and to recognize this “soulmate snapshot,” which is stored within us? Absolutely!

Callers at California Psychics have shared their concerns that they may not recognize their romantic soulmate. I have never seen a case where someone didn’t recognize their soulmate’s face, though. You can ask your spirit guides to release any blocks you might have about recognizing it. Some even ask their guides to send a very clear picture of the soulmate before they go to sleep. When they wake up, they will often draw or write down what “soulmate snapshot” appeared to them during the night.

A famous sculptor once said that when he carved his masterpieces, he was only revealing that which was already inside. So remember that when you see your soulmate’s face for the first time, your soul will reveal what has been inside you… all along.

Share your soulmate snapshots.

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