Sexy Careers by Sign

Whether you’re like the millions of Americans laid off from work or you’re just bored by your job and looking to switch things up, a change of perspective might just be the ticket you need to start feeling fired up again!

While this may seem unimaginable (especially when you’re struggling), work can be play, or at least feel like it – if you’re in the right career. And the best news right now is that no matter how dire your situation, there’s no time like the present to uncover your perfect profession! Just like astrology can spice up your sex life, you can use it to bring some va va voom to your career, too.

Follow this guide to (surprisingly sexy) careers by using your astrological sign and with a little effort you may find yourself – gulp – excited about going to work each day.

It’s no wonder restless Rams often find the usual white-collar 9-5 world dreadfully boring! What these Fire Signs do find endlessly sexy, is a job that involves constant change. They find learning new things, making big decisions and, yes, even getting physical absolutely alluring. Whether that means actually using their bodies in their work (think fire fighter) or firing up the adrenaline on a regular high stakes basis (professional gambler) depends on the individual Ram, but one thing’s for certain, run of the mill won’t do. Look for arenas that showcase Aries strength and innovation as well as their innate ability to lead. Other appropriate Aries careers: architecture, entrepreneur, social media marketing guru or action photographer.

Like all the Earth Signs, the bull is attracted to getting down and dirty and achieving results! Careers that combine practical logic and sensuous flair will rev their engines and send their bank accounts soaring. Sound impossible – a sensible job with a sensual side? Think again! Look for careers that involve the senses, giving Taurus a chance to highlight their, um, manual dexterity and creative souls. Titillating Taurus career paths include: massage therapy, natural-foods chef or grower, carpentry/design, eco-landscape artistry and perfumers (that’s right – someone has to dream up these elixirs of love).

The fast talker of the zodiac, the twins are turned on by their ability to convince almost anyone of almost anything. If Gemini says something is cool/hip/now/a must have or see, people will take them seriously… This has obvious upsides when it comes to self-promotion, but when a Gemini turns their talents to touting almost anything, they’re sure to be a star. What’s sexy to these Air Signs are  fields where the gift to gab can be on full display. Genuinely Gemini jobs: promoters of any kind (club, brand, sports team, you name it!), talent agents (actors, writers and directors need someone to sell them after all… and earn 10%), PR execs and fashion buyers, and attorney’s – of course. 

Nurturers by nature, Crabs are attracted to taking care of others. If this doesn’t sound sexy, consider the voyeuristic side of becoming intimately involved with other people’s lives. Add their natural propensity for making others feel comfortable with their tendency to enjoy long hours, considerable executive ability and the possibilities are endless. Career weary Cancers should consider opportunities that highlight their innate need to be attentive to people without forgetting their astute business sense. Curiously Cancerian careers (with high voltage sex appeal) include: marriage and family therapy, life coach, patient advocate, talent management (whereas Gemini can sell talent, Cancer can encourage, develop and influence it), and the hospitality business. Cancer makes an excellent (and ultimately affluent) restaurant owner.

Nobody puts Leo in a corner! Give these sexy summer babies the spotlight, then sit back, relax and watch them shine. In addition to personality to spare, the Lion is creative, dynamic and (provided they’re not too high maintenance), even inspirational. Leos should look for careers where they’re given plenty of affirmation and freedom to create – whether that’s something physical or simply an experience or environment depends on the lion in question. Jobs for the likes of luscious Leo? Try eco interior design, guiding high end tours, acting, hosting parties, even radio and television personalities (Leo is the consummate performer!) and if you’re so inclined, medicine. They bask in the power and the cachet that goes with being a doctor.

With an unparalleled eye for detail, Virgo can be counted on for near-perfect execution in any task they choose to take on and doing so is a huge turn-on for them. Hardly Virgins when it comes to hard work, these well-heeled people not only look great almost all the time, but have a flair for self-expression. Look for career paths that emphasize the written word, any artistic endeavor, or possibly the service sector of the high end variety. After all, Virgo is the undisputed best at fashioning an unforgettable experience! Veritably Virgo arenas are: financial advisor, writing/editing, graphic or fashion design, wedding  planner, home and office organizer, and wellness manager.

Gracious, charming and aroused by all things beautiful, Libra is known by many and liked by almost all. Like fellow Air Sign Gemini, but far less (potentially) abrasive, this natural diplomat is skilled at making people feel at ease. Libras are best positioned to feel good in careers that highlight their amenable nature and showcase their considerable charm. So what are some celestially suited career choices for the balanced one? Try high end sales – from luxury cars to fashion and art and five star vacations, running a resort (of the highest caliber of course) or matchmaking – just be careful not to steal dates from your client base!

Driven, capable and passionate about any career they commit to, Scorpios are excited by fields that require intense concentration. In fact, everything is intense with these self-aware stingers for whom anything less than 100% is simply not an option. Determined and inquisitive, Scorpios yearn for work that puts their sensuality, brains and ferocity to use in an environment where they are trusted and given some freedom. The zodiac’s sex siren, Scorpios of all sorts may find satisfaction in psychology/psychiatry, spirituality/self-exploration (teaching yoga or mediation for instance), criminal inverstigation, as a poet or songwriter, or even as a dominatrix.

Saucy Sag is a master of taking control and getting things done (ooh, sigh!), but they also bore easily and require regular changes of pace to put their passion behind a career. Luckily, the world does not require adventurers to be chained to desks (even though it may feel like that sometimes). Look for careers that emphasize fun with a purpose and offer regular opportunities to see results. Some sexy industry suggestions for Sagittarians in the market to try something new include wine (from restaurant sommelier to running a vineyard), gaming (casinos are popping up all over the place and pit bosses and dealers make good money), and travel (whether it’s working on a cruise ship, at a resort, as an airline host or doing tours around the world). Action adventure calls!

No sign is quite as responsible – or serious – as the goat. To the uninitiated, this may not sound sexy, but imagine the pleasurable dedication that comes from a Capricorn committed. These task masters can get things done (ooh)! With that in mind, Caps desire careers that will highlight their wealth-growing abilities (they’re most often master manifesters) and ability to run the tightest of ships… a point of pride for the goat, no doubt! Capricorns would find fulfillment in the following: wealth and asset management (especially in times like these, people need people who know about money), estate administration, production managers or line producers in film and television, and as politicians, lecturers, and buyers and sellers of all things vintage. 

The true eccentric of the zodiac, Aquarius will not be turned on by any conventional career. They’re much better suited to charting their own paths. The good news is, the Water Bearer is a born visionary with a humanitarian heart, so there are tons of options on the table. Aquarians should consider causes they feel deeply about and subjects that spark their intellectual curiosity. Hot career options include environmental aide (go green anyone?), humanitarian causes (like the One campaign to eradicate poverty), makeup artist, self-help author and archaeology… Modern Day Indiana Jones, anyone?

The fish is an artist, without question. No doubt these sensitive (and sensuous) souls are always in search of means of self-expression. In order for a job to wet their whistles, it will have to involve some artistry, though not necessarily in the classic sense. Pisces should look for jobs where they get to set their own schedules and pour themselves into their work. Gaming and graphic design, photo journalism, healing professions (think holistic health or maybe even massage), and artist, potter or jewelry designer are all potential Piscean paths that may make all the daily difference!

No matter what your sign is, if you can tap into the deepest part of your (sexy!) soul to find a job that truly speaks to who you are, you will be happier in your daily work and routine – which can only lead to being more content overall. That’s why we believe that astrology is a good place to begin your soul searching quest to be happy while you work. Good luck!

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