DreamCast: Connections to the Afterlife

Around the time of my mother’s passing, on September 19, 2010, I had three dreams about her that offer clues about what can happen just before and after a transition.

Also, about two weeks before she died, my mother told me she had an unusually vivid dream about going home, although she wasn’t sure exactly where home was. I knew then that she was about to transition. The sense of impending homecoming is a common theme just before death.

Dream #1: September 16, 2010, three nights before she passed
I am driving a car with Mom in the backseat. I turn around, and see that she appears younger, about forty. I tell her, “You look so young and pretty, so young and pretty!” Her appearance keeps shifting slightly; sometimes her hair is blond and sometimes light brown.

Interpretation: In the afterlife, your thoughts can have an immediate effect upon the environment as well as your appearance. Because people who transition often feel more youthful than they were when they died, they actually appear youthful to others. This dream about my mother made me wonder if she was practicing her “look” for her arrival in the afterlife.

Dream #2: September 17, 2010, two nights before she passed
Mom is lying in a hospital bed. She is surrounded by nurses who are encouraging her to get up and walk around, but she just looks at them without moving.

Interpretation: In waking life, there was no way my mother was going to get up because she was only semiconscious in the hospital. I may have witnessed some helpers on the other side encouraging her to cross over.

Dream #3: September 26, 2010, one week after she passed
Mom is lying in a bed and I’m standing over her, trying to wake her (now I’m the one trying to get her up). Someone is beside me, perhaps a helper. I tell my mother she has died, so it’s okay to get out of bed and move around because she’s in her astral body. She finally opens her eyes. “Is there anything you need to tell me?” I ask. She doesn’t respond very easily. She seems to be in a semiconscious state like she was in the hospital. “I love you, you know,” I tell her. I want her to tell me she loves me, too.

Interpretation: There is a period of time after death when you review your life. Perhaps Mom was still reviewing her past, or maybe she just needed some extra time to adjust to the transition before “waking up.”

It’s comforting to know she is truly “home,” surrounded by her friends, family, and beloved pets in the afterlife. It will be interesting to see if I have additional visitation dreams about her in the coming months or even years.

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3 thoughts on “DreamCast: Connections to the Afterlife

  1. Cortney

    Thanks, Gina! I too have heard that loved ones who have died greet us when we cross over. My mother seemed to be “asleep” when she crossed over — I’ve heard there are varying degrees of consciousness just after death — so I’m not sure if she was aware of anyone around her. Hopefully she’s partying with her friends in the afterlife now!

    Sweet dreams,

  2. lucy

    Hi Cortney: Thank you for that, beautifully told!

    And, if I may add this: sometimes the living will get an image while awake of someone deceased standing near. When they turn to see the person that presence feels gone. Very often that presence stands to your left side and without turning your head you can see the energy or slight image of him/her. And if you can refrain from turning towards that presence you will sustain that energy longer. Welcome it because it leaves you feeling like you just had a warm embrace from your loved one, if you relax and let it be.

    All but one of my birth family that has transitioned and twice now, I have crossed over myself. The transition to the other side is part of lifes journey. Blessings, Lucy 5353

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cortney,

    Excellent article……your dreams really illustrates, in general, how the crossing over process works.

    Many times people, will be visited by loved ones crossed over, right before they die, as a form of welcoming party and aid to crossing over. The knowledge that their loved ones are waiting on the other side gives them peace and takes away the fear.

    Many dying elderly people seem to know within 6 months of crossing over,… that their time grows near because of visits by those on the other side.

    AND….as a medium…..I can tell you that many times AFTER they have crossed over, when they come thru in the dream state or make contact with the living…they choose an appearance that they were proud of in the prime or youth period of their life.

    And yes, after you do cross over…..you do a review of your past life or incarnation…..there is an adjustment period . ( I experienced this myself when I died and crossed over twice…..both times, there was a sort of review process ).

    Very enlightening and informative article for our readers. Well done ! Cortney.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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