Quiz: Saint or Sinner in Love?

When it comes to l’amour, what’s your approach? Is it white-gloved sweetness or fiery red flames? Odds are, you’re somewhere in between. There’s only one way to know for sure… take this quiz, and find out! Are you a saint or a sinner in love? Both, right?

1. You’re not committed at the moment. What’s your partnering policy?

a. One at a time, thanks.
b. The more the merrier, obviously.
c. Well, that depends on the situation.

2. True or false: When it comes to sex, it’s better to give than to receive.

a. Always true. I like making people feel good.
b. Never true. I’m a much better receiver.
c. Neither. You have to give if you expect to get–and enjoy both.

3. This Halloween, what costume is more likely to wet your whistle?

a. Something outrageously sexy–like a dominatrix, or a slave!
b. Something seemingly sweet and innocent–like a schoolgirl… or, um, an arresting officer.
c. A get-up that’s clever and subtly sexy. No naughty nurses or shirtless gladiators… and it’ll take something smarter-than-average to catch my eye.

4. Your significant other cheated. You found out. You…

a. Leave, but let it go.
b. Stay, but make their life hell.
c. Take some time to cool off before doing anything drastic.

5. Considered as literature, your sexual history could be described as…

a. A short, but touching story… Like The Five People You Meet in Heaven.
b. A treatise, or an epic poem… Say The Waste Land, or Dante’s Inferno.
c. A comedic novel by John Irving or Helen Fielding. You know: a few wild zingers among heartfelt moments and deep-seated love.

6. You’ve been dating someone when an old flame (who’s still scorching-hot) shows up and wants to go out with you. What do you do?

a. Say “no,” because you’re seeing someone. Or you wait until you’ve ended it with the current person, and then get back in touch.
b. Say nothing–and go out with both of them.
c. Make it a platonic “date” to test the waters–and then decide how to handle the situation.

7. The naughtiest thing you’ve ever done is…

a. Switching from missionary to girl-on-top.
b. Let’s just say it’s described online… if you look hard enough.
c. Still fodder for my fantasies to this very day–but I’m hoping to top it on some special night!


Mostly A: Too good to be true
Morals are important, yes–but sometimes you need to spice it up and have a little fun. Doing so doesn’t mean sacrificing your principles. You’re a veritable angel when it comes to love and sex, and while that may be what draws your partners in, it could also cause them to grow bored. Luckily, you can live it up in a way that keeps you saintly. Why not try getting saucy within your monogamous relationship, for starters? Odds are, your trusted partner would be more than happy to help you explore a few fantasies–and turn some of them into reality. The bonus? They won’t think any less of you in the morning. In fact, they’ll think more of you… promise!

Mostly B: Hey, Naughty… be nice!
Outrageous is your middle name… and it may be fun, but it’s probably exhausting (and maybe even a little lonely, despite the robust numbers of partners rotating through your bedroom door). There’s something to be gained from settling down every once in a while. It’s not because your ways are wicked, but because intimacy requires time–or at least a second date! Consider the benefits of a slightly less scandalous sex life. Who knows, you may find that there’s more to romance than fast thrills and steamy sex… such as shared, honest experiences that will make being bad feel oh-so-good with none of that pesky guilt!

Mostly C: Just right
Congratulations. Chances are good you’re a great partner–and an even better lover. Why? Because you realize that balance is the key to everything, including the thrill of romance and a satisfying sex life! Truthful but not simplistic, giving but not self-sacrificing, you’re multifaceted enough to keep people interested without overcompensating by keeping them guessing. In other words, you’re true to yourself. In terms of saints and sinners, you know when a situation calls for an angel’s touch–and when to unveil your devil horns! And that, as a certain girl with golden hair once put it, is… just right.

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