Summer Picks: Top Psychics for Career and Money Readings

Do Dreams Really Come True?

Is the universe conspiring to set up obstacles in your path or is it showing you a new path to achieve career and financial successes? On June 25, Jupiter entered Cancer. That means that Jupiter, planet of abundance and positive thoughts, is moving into an area where it’s showing us a new way of looking at something. Don’t dismiss your dreams too quickly as frivolous or impossible. This time period is just the beginning of realizing your dreams. The Moon on July 6 triggers open communications to achieve your goals and dreams. Then July 22, the Moon joins Jupiter and the next doors open to the most beneficial and powerful blessings flowing this year. The stage is set for you to succeed. For confirmation or a push or inspiration, talk with these psychics. They can send you in the right direction.

Sadie ext. 5779

It can be quite the chilling experience with you read with Sadie. She picks up on your energetic vibrations and asks that you uncross your arms and legs during the reading. (Trust me, this really works!) After 12 years of reading professionally, Sadie knows what she’s talking about. She hears messages from her guides and sees important symbols as energy flows through her hands. You may suddenly hear someone coming in from the spirit world who has profound statements to share in a humorous manner. Sadie feels confirmation in the form of cold chills! Imagine the energy connection you’ll have with her when you call. With a connection like this, you’re bound to get your questions answered and much more in a reading with Sadie ext. 5779.

Colin ext. 5902

As a professional reader for over 15 years, Colin is a very strong channeler. He delivers exactly what his guide in the spirit world shares. Because of this, he is able to give extraordinarily clear guidance in several areas including business decisions. After a psychic session with Colin, you will feel uplifted and clearer about life. Whatever the situation, he wants to help you move forward on a new, positive path! If it’s time to forge a new path, talk with Colin ext. 5902 to see your next steps ahead.

Elvina ext. 5900

Elvina says, “I like to lift one’s hopes and give them the guidance they seek.” She has a background in business and has been reading professionally for over 12 years. Tell her what it is that you want, even if you think you’ll never get it. When you bring your dreams to light, the universe has an interesting way of showing you the steps to take. That’s where Elvina steps in. If you can’t figure out what you should concentrate on next, Elvina can see it for you. As a clairvoyant, she can see it! It’s time to realize your dreams. Get a career or life path reading from Elvina ext. 5900 and start the next part of your life!

Freya ext. 5787

Are you blocked? Do you feel like someone turned off your creativity? Freya specializes in seeing blocks and will open up your perspective to align with your desires. She’s been reading for over 19 years and is very in touch with her skills as a clairvoyant, medium and clairaudient. Freya wants you to leave the call “clearer, lighter, stronger and inspired.” Get unblocked and back in touch with your goals with a reading from Freya ext. 5787.

Fernando ext. 5786

Are you repeating the same pattern over and over again? Are you attracting the same kinds of people into your life who don’t support who you are and what you want? Fernando picks up on stuck patterns and shows you how to break them. As a life coach he can help you on so many levels. He channels information from spirit guides, angels and others. If it’s time to break free from the old and do what you want, then get a powerful reading from Fernando ext. 5786.

6 thoughts on “Summer Picks: Top Psychics for Career and Money Readings

  1. Stacey

    I’ve been having the worst nightmares! I have PTSD & recently homeless & no job! I’m an Aries, I’m scared & shaking all the time! I pray a lot. But I do notice my aunt that just died, & other dead people I was close to are with me, but I’m still not finding anything!

  2. berserker

    I have taken a close look at my own birth sign and happen to be a water dragon in Chinese myth and dead center leo in western myh. The main theme for both of them is (I want to be the boss) to keep it short. Though I can be the boss when needed to be I prefer to work alone and shun the limelight not embrace it.

    I have several friends that love this web site, I like it too. Their horoscopes always seem to fit in with their lives. My own seldom does, especialy the love forecast. I wish it were other wise and I do know that many are born with amazing abilities, (no fault of any gifted) that my horoscope doesnt fit me!

  3. berserker

    Well,its just that..if we plan our lives and the lessons we want to learn before we get jere but planned to the smallest detail on the other side, then when things are going wrong is it not our own soul that planned for this? So when you ta;l to a physcic does this not waste some of the lesson? Did not our soul indend to experiecne what ever negativity at a certain level? Or do we have even less choice than we think once we are here on this hell planet?

  4. Melania

    I do not speak very good English, and I do not understand very well when you talk to me, only by email or cheat (in writing) I can get along with you.
    However I tried to call , and my daughter (she knows English well), but I could not make the connection!
    I wish from my heart to go live with you! maybe in the near future (I’ll try again) in order that even now I can not afford…


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