Psychic Teagan: Reading in the Now

Psychic Teagan ext. 5318 has been a professional psychic for over 15 years. She is a third generation intuitive, and a passionate spiritual counselor. Using her Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities, Teagan only needs your first name and a couple of deep breaths to tap into your unique energy.

“I ask my callers to take a few deep breaths,” she begins, “and invite me into their space. I then connect very quickly. I’m a no-tools reader, so I just need the sound of their voice. We then talk a little about the last six months, to validate that I’m talking about them. Once we begin the conversation, I try to focus on empowering the caller towards what feels good for them. I don’t want to make decisions for them, I just want to show them the options. What they choose is up to them in the long run, but I can read the situation in the now.”

“You know in the cartoons where people have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other?” Teagan elaborates about the choices we face. “I think that it’s just like that – but our heart is the angel, and our head is the devil.”

How did Teagan ext. 5318 get started?

“I come from a long line of psychics on both sides of my family,” she explains. “It was in my blood, and I didn’t notice it until I got older. When I was 22 or 23 I started doing professional readings. We had a little carnival here, a homecoming prom event. They were looking for a gypsy or fortune teller. I started there, and got a booth by myself. I was struggling in taking money, but I heard a message saying that ‘you have no business giving if you cant receive’. I’m very passionate for my clients. Every time I’ve thought I can’t do this for living, something has pushed me in that direction.”

“I read in the now,” she explains. “In the moment. I can usually describe people that are coming into their lives, their eye color, initials, sometimes even first or last name. I get very vivid signs from my guides, pictures that fall into place for me. I rightfully tell them that it’s their choice. They will have a choice. I’ll let them know what I’m seeing in the moment, and what will happen if they change direction.”

How did she begin to work with her guides?

“When I was thirteen, my grandmother passed away,” Teagan ext. 5318 recalls. “I was a born again Christian. I moved and was very active in church. I was very mad at her death. When we lost her, I rebelled. I took it out on god. Six months after her passing, she came to me in a beautiful light. She spoke to me and said that I was going to be one of God’s instruments, that I would be able to connect with loved ones who had crossed over, and that even though she’s not here in the physical, she would be with me. She has delivered many other guides to me. That’s where I get a lot of my messages – from her and my grandfather.”

What would she most like people to realize?

“I would say that treating people the way they want to be treated is so important for where people are going. Loving yourself and giving to others. It’s all about finding peace and harmony within yourself first. It’s a good balance when the head and heart are in alignment. And there are no coincidences. There are signs every day to your inner truth.”

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