Psychic in Disbelief

I had a psychic reading several years ago with a talented psychic that read my life so far beyond what I understood as my own reality or even logic that I found myself becoming “the psychic who did not believe!”

We’ve all had readings that challenged our faith in the medium for good or bad reasons. Sometime we find ourselves politely listening to the predictions while secretly disbelieving. I wanted to share with you a brief part of my “unbelievable” reading – both my replies as well as my inner thoughts.

Talented Psychic: “I am seeing a picture of you in two years or so and you are dripping in jewels!”

Abrielle says: “Oh, yes, I have lots of costume jewelry. I’m not sure whether it drips or not…”

Abrielle thinks: Sounds far out, is she off today?

Talented Psychic: “Oh, no, these are real jewels set in gold or platinum and there are a lot.”

Abrielle says: “Okay, must be the lottery or that millionaire man, there is no way I can see myself buying that many jewels!”

Abrielle thinks: Further and further out there … should I stop here…she’s been so right on before.

Talented Psychic: “No, the jewels come through you, in an unusual way … you have chosen them and picked them out”

Abrielle says: “Through me, and I’ve chosen them, it seems like the only jewels I can afford to chose and pick right now are a new lawnmower and refrigerator!”

Abrielle thinks: And a new car and dryer … my jewels are a lot different than gold or silver! I have two years to wait and see this not happening!

You already have guessed I wouldn’t be writing this if this prediction hadn’t come true, and your guess is a good one! The jewels did come through me in a way I could have never predicted for myself via logic or emotion, nevertheless I got them.

My Godchild left a corporate banking job in a major city to join her soulmate in a small mountain town. She ended up working for a jewelry designer who would routinely give her very grand pieces of jewelry, many of which she kept for family members. One day she came for a visit carrying boxes “dripping” in real jewels just like the psychic described! And she told me to pick and choose as many as I wanted!

So whenever I do psychic readings now, I always make sure I am dripping in jewels and keep a completely open mind!

9 thoughts on “Psychic in Disbelief

  1. Jacqueline x9472

    Love the article Abrielle,

    Several months ago I had a reading from a girlfriend of mine who told me that I was going to be going to California for work to take photos, at the time I thought she is so wrong this girl needs to work on her psychic abilities, lol but all in good fun, well turned out the laugh was on me when I got a call from California Psychics inviting me to come down for a photo shoot.

    I did tell my friend that I was so skeptical, but how she was so right and of course she did say I told you so! lol.

    Receiving message that are so unpredictable is part of the fun of getting readings, but in reality it was the message that you were to receive.

    Thanks to my friend!

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  2. Kelly

    Hi. I have had a few readings with different psychics that made no sense to me at the time and I immediately disbelieved them. It may have been an off day or it may be something that takes time to manifest. Only time will tell. I find that I mainly get the readings that I disbelieve or am not sure about when it is about my relationship. Mainly that some tell me he is my soulmate & some tell me that he is not. I personally am not sure.
    Also, to Miss Krystal, we had a reading some time ago where you told me a career role that I am to play. Once you said it to me, I felt myself & my body immediately reject it and disbelieve it. This is mainly due to personal experiences. I feel that I may play this role later in my life but that I am not ready for it yet. Again, time will tell. I also wanted to let you know that you are the only person who has picked up on this role for me and did so with no information from me about it. I think that is amazing. You are wonderful.

  3. Veronica

    Hi Abrielle 🙂 Thank you so much for your article. It increases my hope and gives me patience on many predictions that I am still waiting on. Often times, it is hard to understand that everything happens in divine timing! I still remember my first reading with you. Many of the predictions you made were unbelievable, me doing conferences nationwide!! I am still in disbelief, yet it increases my faith and self-esteem. Anything can be accomplished if you put your heart and mind to it. I feel blessed to have found this wonderful community! many blessings to everyone!

  4. lonnie5185Lonnie

    GReat articale Abrielle!
    It is funny when we dont accept the info right away because its not logical but readings arent logicall sometimes their spiitual so as you all say we the time comes in different ways. But how fun for it to come true later!


  5. misskrystal

    Hi Gina Rose-
    I get the same way, too, with my clients. I pray for them and it helps me a lot.
    Just wanted to share.
    Miss Krystal

  6. Giovanna x5214

    Thanks Abrielle (and Gina Rose) for sharing your stories!!!

    I myself have a lot of the same situations…and can hear my callers thoughts of disbelief when I share certain things that come in. This for me can be very challenging personally as I ensure in every possible way that in every reading my personal bias’ play no part as I interpret and relay what I get.

    As time passes it’s always (an) awesome (blessing for me) when someone shares updates with facts that a very off-the-wall prediction came to pass when you know they didn’t believe an iota of what came through initially. I can’t explain much on that note, lol!

    Doing readings isn’t as easy as many (I have spoken with) beleive…it can be very taxing emotionally. I personally become very attached and care a lot about my callers and their situations and I seem to carry of piece of each person I read with, with me…

    And of course, I never want to give a mis-prediction, but when free will of others is involved situations get sticky. I always let people know that my readings are based on the way energies are presenting now, at this specific time. I am told by my guides there are no absolutes, which I trust in completely. However, the intricate design of the universe is amazing in how things are arranged to bring outcomes.

    Mind boggling!! =)

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I once, a VERY long time ago back in the early 80’s,had a reading done by psychic/medium that, to this very day, still blows me away!!!!!

    I was bored one afternoon, and called some little unknown psychic line from a tiny add in the newspaper…..being raised by a famous psychic and being on my way to fame myself ,I really didn’t expect anything but to be slightly amused.

    This elderly lady, the psychic/medium predicted some things that, at the time , I was thinking to myself : “”” no way, you are way, way off “””….

    but when she picked up on my GreatAunt crossed over, I sat up and starting taking notes……

    ….long story short,……this psychic/medium predicted things, specific things, that ranged and spanned a timeline of thirty plus years !!!!

    And actually are STILL coming true to this day!

    She actually went ahead thirty plus years!!!!!…. so… please keep an open mind.

    Because the information coming on thru, during a psychic reading , knows no timeline…..that info is coming from the spiritual plane where time does not exist as we know it.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Abrielle,
    This was an excellent article….and a very honest one .

    Because it IS true, that sometimes, but not all, the things a medium does see will take a chunk of time to materialize and validate.
    I’ve been a medium for years and have seen many examples such as the one in this article. When they taped the John Edwards show years ago, I was chosen to be one of his back-ups…..

    …and EVEN John Edwards will tell people during a reading…” file it away for memory, even though the information coming on thru now doesn’t make sense, it might further on down the road”.

    The information coming on thru is coming from the spiritual plane, where past, present AND future are all seen at once . This article was an excellent example of that.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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