Psychic Development: Gifts and Times

“Do all of us have some psychic gifts? Can these gifts be developed?” These are just some of the questions I am asked by callers as a psychic for California Psychics. I have always believed that psychic abilities, while seeming to be a special gift, are much more like a super-developed talent, similar to someone who may speak several languages beautifully, or play the piano magnificently.

Talents can be developed, talents can become stronger. As I train people in the business world to enhance their intuition, or psychic abilities, I have never seen one instance, where psychic abilities did not increase and sometimes dramatically so as long as someone applied themselves.

Becoming aware and using these following principles of psychic times will support the growth of psychic talent. You will be amazed that by doing these simple exercises on a regular basis, as to how much you can increase your own abilities to feel “the psychic connection.”

There exists special psychic times where we can all more easily access information from other dimensions. Think about the time right before you sleep and then awake, are you not going into and leaving another dimension? Psychic work involves suspending physical realities and accessing a non-physical world. As you enter or leave sleep times, you are entering a much different world than your daily life. This unique space around sleep time can be easily used to develop psychic connections and abilities.

A great exercise to do is have your “psychic development notebook” by your bedside, and before you go to bed write down a question, and then immediately upon waking, pick up your notebook and write the answers you receive. Give it about ten days, and you will begin to be amazed at the results. Remember since you are trying to access information from a non-physical dimension into a physical dimension, writing down everything you receive or perceive will help that process!

10 thoughts on “Psychic Development: Gifts and Times

  1. Michael

    At the end of February, I ‘broke up’ with someone who I have loved surprisingly way more than anyone else in my life, despite a rather tumultuous aspect (she has a lot of fears from the past that kept splitting us apart, bringing us back together in our just over 1 year together) to our relationship. Within a few days of this breakup, I had a dream about a shiny little plastic red heart I had literally found in the gutter the week before and was going to throw away. It was on a silver chain that was broken. But I kept it around for some reason (no one likes to throw hearts away, right?!). In this dream, it was maybe a few seconds long, this little heart was buzzing and even seemed to be singing or playing music.. definitely trying to get my attention. I woke up and thought “Okay what was that all about?”. That was it, the dream was literally that short, I dont remember anything else at all. A few days later, maybe a week, I was taking a nap in a friends car, and this silly little heart popped back in for a visit; this time it appeared and as it did the number 2 slowly appeared in white, and it was in parentheses. That was literally the dream, I woke up a few seconds later..More like a visitation, almost, then a dream! But what struck me was that I was so sad that Kathy was ‘gone’ from my life (though we had been in contact for sure) and here I was with 2 dreams in less than a week about a heart. How could they not be about her and I, I dont know… The #2 that showed up seemed a clear sign. The parentheses around it made me think “unrealized/not yet’ love’ and of course the focus at the time was with Kathy. It made me feel better, and of course I have not thown that heart away!
    Still, Kathy and I seem to be on a rocky path (we have had some really sweet weeks up until yesterday when she lost it again and tried to push me away…)..what is the meaning of this 2 part heart dream, and what did the number 2 mean, and was it about Kathy and I or..someone/something else?
    Thanks a lot;

  2. Jesse

    a very Important question to all those that my concern/I have been asking for many Yrs.about my abilities of finding out a negitive or a positive something to happen in my presents/the neg/my right hand itches very strong/and my positive is on my left hand very light itch.Working for 28Yrs and retired Texas State Official I have been safe so many times due to my itching hand.I have also safe so many lifes,and during interrogations I know when someone is not telling the TRUTH/WHO>>>is helping me?….what makes that ITCH.Can you answear my question to that matter.From Jesse Deep South Texas

  3. karenlw1966

    Thank you for this article. I have just recently been seriously trying to strengthen my psychic ability and twice now I have seen a little girl from another dimension both times lying in bed before going to sleep. I have no clue yet who she is or why she is coming to me but she does not invoke fear so I am curious . Any hints on how to find out?

  4. Abigail Ext 9570

    Great article Abrielle,
    This psychic time that you speak of is the hypnotic time when the subconscious mind is wide open. I teach this to my Hynotherapy clients also. As Gina Rose pointed out Cayce was a trance psychic always in the hypnotic state during readings.
    Many Blessings

  5. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said….
    A wonderful article, I do agree the more one puts effort into developing our own abilities, trusting the answers that is received, you will open up, we all have abilities.
    The Masters are there waiting to assist us the process they just want to know that we seek after it….
    Blessings Hugs and Hearts,
    Jacqueline 9472

  6. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    I’ve always believed and mentioned to clients that psychic ability is like any other muscle-the more we exercise it the stronger it becomes.
    Great advice on a place to start-that stage between sleeping and waking is very revealing.

  7. Pam

    Hi Abrielle
    I have just read this article just knowing that you would be contributing. You have read for me several times and have told me to send “his name ‘T’…I Love You” (also the fact that he thinks about me all the time) upon waking every day I think it finally worked. I had a waking dream in which he told a daughter of his in my presence “we are committed that is not the problem this is” and he went on to explain it and as absurb as it sounds he was talking about a labor union. In fact that is why I am up so very early reading the blog. Will contact you soon.
    Take Care

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Abrielle,
    Good article… know,when you mentioned “special psychic times” in your article, Edgar Cayce also believed that people were most psychic right before falling asleep or immediately upon waking up.
    That’s why I start my new students out on meditating at night before they go to sleep.
    The notebook is good too because awareness also increases our psychic ability.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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