DreamCast: Lunch With Relatives

During the last few nights, I’ve been dreaming that I’m standing in the cafeteria line at a museum, waiting to get my lunch. It takes forever, and when I turn around, there are three tables half filled with relatives that have passed on, and another table with a relative who is still alive. Everyone looks happy. I cannot decide which table to sit at, and then I wake up. Any idea what this means? It seems so real, not disjointed like most dreams I have.


Celeste in Riverside, California

Hello Celeste,

The museum symbolizes elements of your life that are either outmoded or valuable to you – or both. A cafeteria represents choices, while food is nourishment. So it seems you’re striving to make choices that are good for you, but you need to decide between going along with your past – family tradition, perhaps – or walking a new path. Since more relatives were dead than alive, I assume the past has a strong hold on you. On the other hand, you may have visited a dimension in the afterlife where both the dead and astral travelers congregate, for whatever reason. Or perhaps the dream was both a visitation to another dimension and a symbolic message about your life. Think about it, and whatever strikes a cord in you is the right meaning.

Sweet dreams,

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