3 Steps to Your Heart’s Desire

The biggest hurdle to get what you want is knowing what you want. Yet if you are vague about what you want, the universe can’t hear you.

Living in a time when anything’s possible, it’s hard to pick a long-term goal, a career, even a life-partner. If you’re in need of clarifying your heart’s desire, try this 3-step guide to defining what, exactly it is you want.

1. Write down what you don’t want
Write out a list of the things you don’t want in every area of your life. If you don’t want a red roof on your dream house then write that down. If you don’t want a life-partner who likes to watch football on Saturdays, write that down. It may sound trite or strange, but when you are in vagueness, you have to start somewhere. Because negative emotions come through sharper than positive ones, these are often the ones we hear the loudest. The most important part of this step is to write down your answer, not the “right” answer.

2. Make a reflection list
For each thing you wrote down that you don’t want, write down the opposite on a new list. Perhaps your dream house has a steep black roof. Your life partner loves to be outdoors on Saturdays. Go through your list and see how your heart’s desires move from vagueness to clarity. You will be amazed as your dreams materialize on paper. Hang on, you are moving into a powerful place to receive.

3. Sit on it
When defining your wants, deep feelings of inadequacy or anger about obstacles you have faced in your life may be uncovered. These can be painful and even overwhelming at times. You may suddenly be aware of people around you who have not encouraged you to follow your heart.

These issues are big and you have to be patient with yourself as you uncover such new feelings. In the end, you always have a choice about whose energy you absorb. If your life is full of people pressuring you toward certain choices, you won’t be able to hear your own voice. As you move towards people who want you to have all the blessings your heart desires, you will find your energy growing, while your desires become crystal clear.

Don’t rush. Take time to allow your feelings to pass through you – to claim your wants fully in your heart. Keep your list to yourself and sit in gratitude for your clarity. Later, you can decide to share your wants if you are sure the person you share them with will be supportive.

Your clarity will be a gift from the universe to light your path on the way to your dreams.

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