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Sue from Manchester, United Kingdom, asks:

I’m at a crossroads in my life—I have worked for the same company for 7 years—I put everything into it yet not received any rewards. We have now opened a new office and I feel left out. However my boss has offered me a great opportunity but instead of accepting gratefully we ended up arguing about unnecessary issues, money, etc. Now feel I’ve blown it and worrying out of proportion, can you help?

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

Leaving your present position would cause you much grief. How would you find something else to occupy your thoughts during the long hours of the day? Speedily using your psyche to rescue you from that dilemma, you found a way to keep your boss from giving you a deserved promotion.

Having a way with people, you make the most of your forceful personality in keeping your surroundings the way you want them to be. Maneuvering people’s opinions to coincide with whatever you tell them, even though you may know it’s not true, isn’t an accomplishment that will do you any good in the long run.

Are you able to strike the medium of happy by developing more interests outside of work while seeing your position as a place of lesser importance? Hard work is not always rewarded, but you are at the head of the line for not wanting to reward yourself on any endeavor. Faultfinding is a limited pastime, although you often find it is how you occupy your day. Regardless how much you are throwing aside, giving up nitpicking is something you do not want to do.

Sit down and quietly write out all the reasons why you want to stay in your present location. Then write out what appeals to you in the new location. Do not write down what people would say on the surface. If you honestly do not see why the new location is of benefit, then you need not go there.

Not wanting to take on that level of change in your life is not wrong. But it is not good hiding what you think. This will only create more difficulties with others. Perhaps you should look at your desire to say one thing and mean another. Are you benefiting from that mode of communication, or are you getting more disrespect on a regular basis?

Surprise is circulating because you avoid going to a new location where you may escape all that you are stating is distasteful. Everyone is aware you hide your intentions beneath a smokescreen to put yourself in a place of not being appreciated. If a work discussion does not have to put you in the right, you will be able to win support toward a better future. With all your projected self-esteem and practical know-how, you are still not able to admit how much you love your present workplace.

Feeling you have put so much of yourself into what you do, you find it unbearable to imagine a different way of life. If you honestly state this, everyone will be amazed. Better yet, it will open the door for new opportunities and instrumental transfigurations in how you interact with everyone. Your present workplace will actually become the new job you always wanted. Don’t worry about creating changes in others, just start letting up on yourself and decide you don’t have to be in charge, you can just choose to be happy.

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