Money Matters: Should You Stay or Find a Better Job?

Yook from Kuala Lumpur asks:

I am disappointed with the recent outcome of a promotion of a working colleague which is a position ahead of me. The worst is that another outside person will be my boss and take another vacant higher position. I have been working hard and sincerely contributing to the team. Do I still have any future career with my current company? I also have a heavy financial commitment.

Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894 Responds:

Yook, in the midst of the challenging time you are experiencing in your career, I am psychically receiving an image of two golden suns. Now, it’s always wonderful to see there is a golden sun appearing in your future, but two golden suns is a near-miracle!

What the two golden suns are revealing to me is that you not only have a golden opportunity within the company you work, but you also will be sought out by another company within the next few months. Your career may not look bright right now for you, but I feel your guides are urging me to remind you how quickly clouds can move to reveal the golden sun of opportunity.

I am guided to tell you and all our California Psychics readers who feel that they are being held back by someone else being promoted, or someone else getting that job that you felt you deserved, that there has never been a better time than now to look at every avenue of self-promotion. Who is better than you to tell the whole world what a great job you can do?

Yook, you have two golden suns, two paths ahead of you, and both paths will need that important skill of self promotion. In your first path which represents your current job, I am seeing a picture of you sitting with your manager and setting up a career plan with specific goals and times for the job you want within your company.

While you may choose to remain with your present company, I receive it will be a valuable experience for you to see that another company is interested in you too.

What is being revealed to me regarding how to promote yourself and connect to the company searching for someone like you are two pictures. The first is of the Internet, and the second is of a room filled with smiling people shaking hands.

Yook, and all our readers, what these two pictures tell me on behalf of your future career success, is to use every social networking site on the Internet to promote your abilities, and to connect with those in your career area. Psychically I am seeing that the strongest path to land a job for all job seekers is self promotion through networking.

Let’s take a look at our second picture of the smiling group. This picture reveals to me how valuable it will be for you to promote yourself to every local professional group that is connected to your career area. Psychically I am seeing you are building a skill here that can serve you for a lifetime!

All our readers can easily locate these groups (whether professional or trade groups) on the Internet as well. Local meetings should generally be free or extremely low cost.

If your budget is too tight, a reminder to all our readers, the Internet is free at your local library. If there is a fee for a local meeting offer to volunteer! You will meet even more people!

Yook, best of luck to you in your career growth and choices you have ahead of you. And to all our readers who are searching for jobs, the reminder in this changing economy is there has never been an easier or faster time to network your way to a new position!

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