Money Matters: How to Believe in Yourself

Kathy from Glendale, Arizona, asks:

I’ve been out of work (mostly) for 3 years. I like teaching, but don’t want to get certified, because I want to be a different kind of teacher, not “old style.” I’m a self-taught teacher, but people prefer certified teachers. I don’t have much experience, and have a hard time believing in myself. At the same time, the only thing I really feel any good at is being a wife, and I’m recently divorced (again). I enjoy arts and crafts, writing poetry and stories, but I was brought up to think of the arts as something that doesn’t make money. My thoughts are scattered by these options, and really don’t know what to do. Can you help?

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

All in all, you have much ability but little faith. Knowing what you like in life is only a small part of it—not the lantern to follow when you are feeling in the dark. Working with your choices is much like adding the ingredients available at home to fix a meal. You may have to improvise and make do with what is available to put dinner on the table.

You believe you are only good as a marriage partner because it was the only area where you were able to do what you wanted. Unfortunately you have been trying to get the joy of accomplishment from your partners, when you need to receive that from different people and situations. Take heart, you still have time to get all of this in order.

Meeting your dreams halfway is a great starting place for you. Look for positions in retail arts and crafts, as well as stores specializing in collectibles and hobby interests. Customers will love your warm friendly spirit, and you will find yourself enjoying yourself more and more over time. You just need to get over the hurdle of believing it is best to do what you want. We all have to take instruction from people in our life.

Whether you deal with this now or later, your career goals have been weighing heavily on you for the past fifteen years. Needing to find a better way to call off your “I don’t want to” is in order to deal with happier relationships. Following up your fears with a good stiff dose of “I don’t care,” is also a cocktail that is not to other people’s liking.

You have such an abundant way with your emotional connection to the public that you can’t believe yourself how well everything falls in place. Then it changes when people see you are not agreeing to anything unless you are the instigator of it. Life is not getting any easier, and everyone demands the utmost opportunities and adventures for themselves. They do not want to have the course of their life altered by your steering their ship.

Discounting what is being discussed will not make the continuing problems go away. Deliberate goal setting, and slow steady attempts to increase your involvement with activities that create a background of skills that are marketable, are the way you can become what you envision. By using your energies, talents, and vibrant personality, you have been able to withhold yourself from your own life. That can easily change and you can play quick catch-up.

Meaningful challenges will come to you if you are able to accept, appreciate, and stay with the initial frustration of employment. You have the advantage of understanding and feeling loving compassion for people that need your special touch. Please do not rob the world and yourself of the opportunity to interact and receive rapport. The turning point will be decided by you.

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