How to Read a Man by His Sun Sign

Astrology is for Lovers

When I read astrology charts for couples, one of the first things I consider is the sun sign. Here are some fun, easy tips to “read” the man you’re interested in through his sun sign. Share them with a friend, put them on the refrigerator door or keep them in a purse, because you never know when you’ll need them (and I hope you’ll need them!)

Okay, let’s get started…


The Plus: Here’s a man who speaks the language of adventure, who takes a chance. Bold and independent, he’s a pioneer.
The Minus: Can be selfish and arrogant.
Beware: On the first date, water signs and Libras may find themselves falling headfirst into a plate of food, as he tells one more story about himself and exclaims, “You know, you’re so interesting to talk to.”
The Solution: Keep a cattle prod handy for when you need to talk.


The Plus: He’s sensuous, grounded, and very good with his hands. You will feel secure knowing he’s around.
The Minus: He’s stubborn and can get stuck in a rut.
Beware: Fire signs may want to get a dog instead. They are just as loyal, will also make you feel secure and cost less to feed.
The Solution: If you want to go out dancing, and he’s been on the couch for three days, don’t take no for an answer. In place of pearls tonight, consider wearing a pizza around your neck instead.


The Plus: Great communicator, very friendly and outgoing, always a joy to be around.
The Minus: Scattered, overly flirtatious, sometimes intellectual about feelings.
Beware: Scorpios may spontaneously combust from rage watching this man flirt at a party.
The Solution: He may be loyal on the inside, but if you’re the jealous or controlling type, leave this one alone.


The Plus: Sensitive, nurturing, his heart is on his sleeve.
The Minus: Too needy, sometime clingy, shuts down completely when hurt.
Beware: Fire and Air Signs might find themselves suffocating and needing air.
The Solution: Aries, you want to go out and buy a new dress today but he wants to stay home and cuddle. Easy answer: tell him you want to cuddle too…with his credit card.


The Plus: Dynamic, confident, ready to take on the world!
The Minus: Get ready to accept best supporting actress.
Beware: He spends more time in the mirror than you do.
The Solution: Be a Leo yourself.


The Plus: This is a man who you will never have to tell to pick his socks up off the floor.
The Minus: This is a man who you will never have to tell to pick his socks up off the floor.
Beware: How many times does he have to tell you that that he likes his condiments kept on the bottom rack of the refrigerator in alphabetical order?
The Solution: Have a house cleaner on retainer for before he comes home.


The Plus: He represents balance, fairness, and loves being in a relationship.
The Minus: May be wishy-washy, can’t make up his mind.
Beware: There are no bewares. Libras get along with everyone… sometimes that’s the problem.
The Solution: If you are waiting for a proposal, and this man is still trying to make up his mind after a few years, move on.


The Plus: Very deep, one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac.
The Minus: Overpowering, controlling, can be jealous if insecure.
Beware: If you need to break up, enter a Witness Protection Program first.
The Solution: Tell all your friends you want new dishes for your birthday, because you’ll need them.


The Plus: Loves to learn, loves to travel.
The Minus: May intellectualize everything.
Beware: Cancers, when you ask him for a hug, you may be handed a book on the “Art of Hugging” instead.
The Solution: Give him his freedom, and he will always return to you.


The Plus: Great business sense, wants to impress you with his success.
The Minus: May try to run the relationship like a Fortune 500 company.
Beware: You may find yourself surrounded with beautiful gifts, but in an empty house with text messages every night saying, “I have to work late again, sorry.”
The Solution: There is vulnerability here, you just have to search for it.


The Plus: Great in groups, has a ton of friends, sometimes brilliant.
The Minus: Can be cold when thinking too much and can be so brilliant he’s stupid.
Beware: Who cares that he got a perfect score on his SATs in college—how hard is it to remember an anniversary?
The Solution: Have your anniversary and birthday tattooed onto his forehead.


The Plus: Spiritual, accepting, understanding and often profound.
The Minus: Needs to use a pendulum to decide on Chinese or Italian for dinner.
Beware: Capricorns, you want to discuss stock options while he’s trying to meditate.
The Solution: Tie a ham to his leg to keep him from levitating out of your life.

Of course, if you find someone whose sign you shouldn’t get along with, but you’re still falling in love anyway, ignore all the above and dive in!

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9 thoughts on “How to Read a Man by His Sun Sign

  1. Elly

    Cameron: Bless you for the belly laffs! Can’t wait for the female version…..

    Chloe: Bless you for your contribution on Capricorn! Works for me!

  2. hallender

    Eleni – You betcha! We’re going to have an article about women and their sun signs sometime in October (we might even pull it up into September!).

  3. kallista

    Cameron, this is hilarious, yet based in truth. Well done, sir! You write so beautifully. Your clients are blessed to have you read for them!

    Blessings to you,

    Kallista, ext. 9623

  4. Alyssa Javellana

    Hahaha…had a great time reading this coz it’s so accurate and true! Yeahhh, just drop these tips if you find falling head over heels over someone whom you can’t seem to get along well according to the sun sign he belongs. Enjoy the ride while it lasted…hahaha! I need to date A vIRGO MAN I guess, if Good luck to all….

  5. chloechloe

    Hi Cameron,

    This was awesome! Funny & informative.

    I’d also add to “the solution” of Capricorn men….his vulnerability may just be in the bedroom. Capricorn men are often noted for their delightful and insatiable sexual appetites. Enjoy!

    Thanks Cameron.

    Love & Light,

    Chloe (ext. 9421)

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    and generally speaking, strictly based ONLY upon sunsign alone….the Virgo guy excels at lovemaking !

    His gift for details and perfection spills over into the bedroom where he aims to please !

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I’d like to add a bit more to the Virgo man…….since most don’t get the Virgo persona in general.

    Plus side :* When he apologizes for something he will sincerely mean it and go all out to prove it.

    * He will take care of the home if you are ill, and otherwise will help with the household chores on a regular basis. As the Virgo man takes pride in his possessions and home.

    * He is punctual and will always be on time…..but he expects the same respect from others as well.
    * He loves intelligent conversation…..the key word being intelligent.


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