Money Matters: Create Financial Security in Uncertain Times

Allen in Southgate, California asks:

I decided to work with my team in an overseas assignment to the Philippines in an effort to deal with various business in: 1. High yield trading on bank guarantees; 2. Gold bar selling negotiations on foreign buyers; 3. Gold digging project north of the Philippines; 4. Planning to take the Bar Exam if admitted; 5. To attend the Armed Forces National Defense College to take Security Administration one full year master’s degree program to be inducted in the JAGO reserve force or other branches in the military. All of these objectives are heading to acquire financial support to accomplish humanitarian projects being underscored because of lack of funds. I have other family financial problems on my parents side when my father passed away testate a year ago leaving at least $65k from his bank account intended for my mom who has dementia illness. For some reason the bank won’t release it. I would like to ask and confirm if all these plans can be accomplish in a two year plan especially in money matters. Thank you so much in advance and God knows how grateful I am if you can help work-out these plans. Allen

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

Deciding what to do can be a challenge. Harboring dreams of pursuing a new venture is a bit unattainable. It may even jeopardize the security you presently have. Following artistic talents to receive the responsiveness you seek is a better way to engage.

Encountering opposition is at times invigorating, although has no merit and is not economically feasible. Our future is most accurately revealed when we accept the possibilities of our human lifespan. Education is not a solution because of your nearness to retirement age. The costs will greatly outweigh short term reimbursement issues.

The team’s success is decided by the earnest contributions of each player. Your aspirations are taking you down a path where you are trying to find the answer to everyone else’s responsibility. Now is the time to settle back and look at your needs. Perhaps focusing on esthetic interests would reroute your yearning for action.

All the plans touched upon would take away leisure time and the probable losses would be too great. Luckily, you do not have to carry out business plans. Entering a system where everyone wants the most gain is not where you should go. At this point you are able to stand apart like a song bird implementing your tunes.

A creative endeavor would be a valuable line of attack for your talents. Utilize your knowledge to stir the emotions in others to accommodate new patterns of thought. You are able to achieve more through ingenious communication than by contributing large sums of money. Just be kind to yourself and utilize the gifts you already possess.

Remember that you are carrying the necessary weight in your philanthropic knapsack. Utilize the out of the ordinary gifts at your disposal to capture your audience. Many are looking for the qualities you can deliver.

You serve others by conveying messages that resonate to the members of your team. You are in this life to make use of who you are. Allow yourself to help all the people you want to benefit. Don’t recreate your lifestyle to alleviate everyone’s duties. Balance the playing field by incrementally increasing obligations from everyone else.

The introduction of a dependable method of communication will assist you in your enterprise. Interacting on the internet will allow you to connect with other people. This idea has already been with you for the last few years. Sincere willpower gives more solutions than the possible voltage of uncertainty.

You never believed you could extensively deliver your art to society. Allow yourself to bring your imaginative qualities to publicize your purpose. Dynamic beginnings are not as important as the purest intention of a desire.

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