Your Weekly Money Horoscope for May 13 – 19, 2013

Neptune’s Underworld

This week begins with a continuation of a Venus-Neptune square. Don’t get talked into buying or investing in something with an iffy, vibrational feel. Once Mercury enters Gemini on Wednesday your money instincts will be more in tune, but on Friday when Mercury squares Neptune, it’s another cautionary tale—don’t sign on the dotted line, but if you must, then read all of the fine print. (Wait until the 26th or the 28th if possible.)

Read your Sun sign forecast below. If you know your rising sign, take a look at that as well to get the bigger picture.


The best thing to do this week is stick to your financial plan and don’t be swayed by investment gurus and convincing salesmen, no matter how good looking they are.


When it comes to your money horoscope, organizing files and prioritizing plans are your goals this week. You like comfort and security so don’t take unnecessary risks in finances.


The good news is that Mercury, your ruler, enters your sign on the 15th. In other news, Mercury clashes with Neptune on Friday so even a seemingly win-win situation has a warning label.


Don’t be susceptible to the fluid language of Neptune in Pisces. Your attention is better focused on career where you may hear whispers of a solid money-making opportunity coming up.


The planets are telling you to keep your nose to the grindstone and your ears to the wall. Changes at work may be the buzz for either you or your spouse. No need to panic; it’s just talk for now.


Use this week’s alignments to catch the ear of someone in a position to help your career. This is a verbal investment in your future, and it’s the only type of investment to rely on this week.

“When it comes to your paycheck/money/finances, instead of thinking: “That’s not enough,” think with the attitude of gratitude by blessing what you’ve got. Soon, a greater flow of money will come to you.” – Psychic Kallista ext. 9623


Tear up those offers of credit in the mailbox and admire your bank book instead. If you want to buy anything, just put it on a wish list that you can inconspicuously add to your blog.


You come up with ideas that could increase productivity and/or finances. Think about family financials and how to secure them, but don’t agree to any changes this week. Ready to see what’s next for your career? Talk with Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 who specializes in astrology forecasts.


Did you get that raise yet? If not, take another shot at proving your worth to your employers. If they promise you anything, get it on paper, otherwise it may be forgotten.


After the 15th you’ll have Venus, Mercury and lucky Jupiter in your 6th house. It’s a good week to make points at work that could lead to a promotion or raise by summer.


Avoid overspending on items for your romantic interest, and avoid investing in a scheme that’s too good to be true—it is. This week’s money horoscope urges you to be frugal. Need some help planning your next steps? Get a personalized money forecast with Psychic Caprica ext. 5727 and find out!


Neptune in your sign forms difficult angles to both Venus and Mercury. Your money horoscope says to concentrate on facts and figures both at work and home this week.

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