Meet Your Spirit Guides: I Can See Everything – But My Guides!

Lynda from Mississauga, Canada asks:

The insights I have found reading everyone’s wonderful life experiences are endless, and have taught me much. Thank you. My experiences have shown me that I am a draw – that is that I draw souls, spirits, and cats to me. I can go into an empty store, and five minutes later it is full of people.  I can go into a home with a spirit, and find it staring at me within minutes. I can go into a home with the shyest of cats, and find him weaving in between my legs within a short time.

I can imagine and see in my mind’s eye all kinds of wondrous things, but I draw a complete blank when it comes to my own spirit guides. It’s like a wall, completely blank. I know they are there. I have felt them all of my life, guiding me, showing me things, but as to who they are, I feel completely blind. I would like to know who I have to thank for all the wonderful gifts and help I have been blessed with all these years.

Can you help me find a way past this blockage? Perhaps I just don’t know what it is that I am looking for?

Dear Lynda,

You are blessed with a really open, free-flowing interchange with your guides, one you’ve helped create as much as they have, and breaking through what you feel is a “blockage,” according to your guides, will be simple but not necessarily easy.

When you imagine and see in your mind’s eye, or notice a spirit staring at you, you are focusing outward from your own being. To “see” your guides, and learn names and identities, they say you need to focus inward. Usually your energy flows straight out and into the environment, and there you connect to impressions. Your guides suggest that you send a stream of energy out as usual, but then draw it back inside itself, and into the center of your being. Your answers lie within.

When I asked your guides and guardian angel for names and identities, I got a really funny picture of them all standing in a loose group, looking at me with blank faces and question marks over their heads. The funny image is unique, but their reaction isn’t unusual at all.

And they asked me the question I’ve often heard from other peoples’ guides and angels: “Why? She knows us, we exchange energy and information and guidance easily and effortlessly, we love and protect her, and she showers us with love and appreciation daily… what else is needed?” I’ve come to believe that so much of the everyday personality is left behind during the transition, that most guides forget how important names are to humans.

Send your inner vision out, and then into itself, Lynda, and you will find what you seek!

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One thought on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: I Can See Everything – But My Guides!

  1. Zora 5349

    Sometime the names of your guides manifest in simple ways. You may hear a name that just sticks with you and you many wonder why that name has such a draw in your mind. 9 times out of 10 it is the name of one of your spirit guides. I love what Vebena says about the answers are within.


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