Your Birth Number Forecast for December 15, 2013 – January 15, 2014

birth number forecast

Find Out What’s Ahead With Your Birth Number Forecast!

Your Birth Number reflects your basic energy, your talents and your style. The gifts that you bring into life and propel you to your destiny are seen in this foundation number for your life. Your Birth Number consists of adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6 and you have the number of powerful creativity combined with the ability to put ideas and dreams into form.

NOTE: If you have a double digit number, add those numbers together to get a single digit number. For example, if you get 10, add 1 + 0 and you’ll get 1. This means your Birth Number is 1.

December 15, 2013 through January 15, 2014 not only brings the busy holiday season, but high energy reflected in the numbers. January brings us a “7” year with emphasis on creating the mystical and visionary in our relationships and everyday life. Your special days for December 15, 2013 through January 15, 2014 are:

Birth Number 1

Intensity and determination bring success on Thursday, December 19. Just take care to communicate clearly. There is a serious mood on Saturday, December 28, but you can create something beautiful that gives everyone a real sense of a great future. Then, you are full of energy and ready to begin new projects on Thursday, January 2. Communicate sensitively and it will be a time of joy. A wonderful drive for fun or sports would be perfect activities on Saturday, January 11.

Birth Number 2

A combination of charm and strategy are the answer to getting the commitment you want on Friday, December 20, whether its in a relationship or on that sale you want to make. Your feet are on the ground and your communications are clear on Sunday, December 29, so you can make real progress in getting others to commit to your dreams. A different approach to making things work is perfect on Friday, January 3. Plan a fun getaway for Sunday, January 12 to spend all that energy in a positive way.

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Birth Number 3

You are feeling sassy and ready for fun on Saturday, December 21 whether you’re going skiing, dancing or to a great movie or concert. This is the Winter Solstice when life and vitality get a new boost. Your communications rock everyone’s world on Monday, December 30 as you are truly inspired. Then you are full of innovative, gorgeous ideas on Saturday, January 4. Team with someone for follow-through on these projects. The evening of Monday, January 13 brings delicious romance.

Birth Number 4

Sunday, December 22 is perfect for relaxing. A day at the spa or a nice bubble bath could be delicious perfection. Your outstanding planning and strategizing really pay off on Tuesday, December 31, whether it’s for a New Year’s Eve bash or a whole new life plan. On Sunday, January 5, share your big-hearted ideas. You’ll touch others, allowing you to build solid plans to make those ideas real. Tuesday, January 14 is your day to be the positive force amidst chaos.

Birth Number 5

Your revolutionary ideas on Monday, December 23 are as much fun as they are effective. Energy is high on Monday, January 6 with people acting in emotional, confused ways. Show your positive approach and guide everyone to a happy conclusion. You’ll be the one feeling harmony between your thoughts and emotions and you’ll ride the wave of any changes taking place. Use your passions and energy in creative efforts on Wednesday, January 15.

Birth Number 6

Sunday, December 15 is a fast-paced day as you build toward tangible, wonderful changes in your life. Create through communications. Tuesday December 24 (Christmas Eve) is perfect for finding the true joy in life. Love and beauty flow today. You are the person who understands what needs to be done on Tuesday, January 7. Use creative communications to help others understand necessary changes and the opportunities available.

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Birth Number 7

Emotion fuels fiery inspiration on Monday, December 16, leading to some very satisfying self-expression and harmony with a loved one. Christmas Day (Wednesday, December 25) is your day, and it won’t be dull. Surprises are handled best with your quick, agile mind and broad view of life. Share your vision for cooperation and harmony on Wednesday, January 8.

Birth Number 8

Tuesday, December 17 is an exciting day with lots of action. Your gut reactions serve you to make the most of changes and direct them in your favor. Use communications and understanding to make Thursday, December 26 a breakthrough day. Others are comfortable in your presence on Thursday, January 9 because they have a sense of your earthy ability to make everything work. Take advantage of this.

Birth Number 9

You find great satisfaction through travel, sharing and teaching on Wednesday, December 18. Then you enjoy beautiful, emotional connections on Friday, December 27. New Year’s Day is a “9” day, and you are in your element coaching others on realizing their dreams. Friday, January 10 is the perfect day to share your vision of the future—what is needed and wanted for a healthy, happy life.

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37 thoughts on “Your Birth Number Forecast for December 15, 2013 – January 15, 2014

  1. magdeline

    My birth date is15051964,what’s in store for me in terms of job opportunities,finances,relocation,and my marriage,please need your help!I am confused!!!

  2. tutt

    Everyone – if your end birth number is a double digit re: 10, 11, 12, etc. you should add those two numbers togeher to get a single number, i.e., 10 = 1, 12 = 3, etc. and the final number is the “master number”. Hope this helps everyone.

  3. Gordon

    Hi my birth number is 4 11 1968 please help me for my Malaysia jackpot lotto,draw every Wednesday,Saturday and sunday. Closing time of draw is 7pm Malaysian time,tq.

  4. amber

    if anyone has a double digit for example 10 you add 1+0 and your birth number is one. same thing for 11 add 1+1 and your number is two

  5. Deborah

    My BD is 11/11/51, I am involved with an Aquarian my JR. I love him, but after 1 1/2 years, we are having a hard time holding on to this relationship. Do I need to let GO?

  6. Chaya Dasappa

    My Birth Date is 2/28/1951. 2+2+8++1+9+5+1 28 . 2+8=10. It is not coming between 1-9. What I should do.? Please let me Know?

  7. Natalie miller Gary

    Dear California Psychics,
    My birth number came out to be a ten. So do I have a birth number and what is it if I do?

  8. rupa

    My birth number and my lovers birth number is same : 3 . but nothing is happening which can develop our love relationship . all are foolish written .

  9. Robert Miller

    I’ve been reading the California phychics horicopes concerning me. I really need to say they are not accurate at all. But still I enjoy reading them.

  10. Iva

    Can you send me some positive words to the one who is feeling very sad, missing my lover who I haven’t seen since September. do you think that I would have a hope?
    From this very sad old lady, sorry, may God bless all yours visions and help me with one single word at least.

    Iva Costa

  11. cody

    I was under the understanding in numerology that the base numbers in numerology were 1 thur 9 and the Master numbers are 11. 22 , and 33 . The master numbers are never reduced, meaning if the addition comes out to 33 or 22 or 11 it is not reduced due to it being a master number. It is a higher viberation then just the base numbers 1-9. Please let me hear your intrepetation of this. Cody

  12. Richard

    Very exciting always to read the predictions and forecast. Somehow, sometimes is just not on the right pace, nevertheless, I do follow whatever it may be possible but were trying to pray hard that things work out as indicated to the best of our ability. May be some day the sky will be bright and illuminate the whole wide world peacefully and calm for all mankind in happiness and prosperity.

  13. Patricia

    My number was 10 and it doesn’t look like you have a 10. What does that mean? Am I not on the chart? Here is my birthday and I worked it as your example showed.
    Sept. 29, 1952
    9+2+9+1+9+5+2=37 (3+7)=10

  14. elizabeth

    Hi i read and did the numbers minus equal 12 so it seem unfortunately. I still dont get it. Please use email. I am deaf thank you

  15. Vinodkumar Panchal

    My Birth date 27-10-1961. I lost the job on 5th December 2013. I am trying to find job but I could not find any. Please let me know what I must do.


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