Manifesting With the Tarot

Perhaps you’ve seen images of real ceremonial magicians, with their robes, wands and other paraphernalia. Maybe you’ve seen Wiccans, with all of the things they have on their altars. Do you really need all that… stuff?

The ability to manifest things you want doesn’t require all of those tools, but I do use them. Why? Because I like them! Using them triggers something within me that helps me be more successful in the work I do. I’ve spent years acquiring and using them. They’re like a part of me.

But I don’t have to use them to be successful. In fact, you can carry an entire set of tools in your purse or pocket. You can find all of the tools you need in a standard Tarot deck.

You don’t need a book or a wise old wizard to instruct you. Just look at the images and let them fire your imagination. Here are some of my ideas to give you a start:

Spiritual strengthStrength
Getting rid of unnecessary thingsHanged Man
Self-controlThe Chariot
A new look at old ideasJudgement
Improving a partnership2 of Cups
Improving friendship3 of Cups
Overcoming temptation4 of Cups
Satisfaction with what you have9 of Cups
Love10 of Cups
Standing up against all odds7 of Wands
Developing appropriate caution9 of Wands
Obtaining fair justice2 of Swords
Dealing with loss9 of Swords
Stealthiness7 of Swords
EnergyKnight of Swords
Charity6 of Pentacles
Industriousness8 of Pentacles

When you look at the cards, you may discover that your ideas of what an image means might be different—and that’s fine. The key is to simply use the image on a card to trigger your imagination. The next step is to send that image lots of energy and let it go. Here’s what you do:

Step One: If you don’t have a Tarot deck, get one. I suggest going on the Internet and looking at a wide variety of decks, then choosing the one that has the biggest impact on you.

Step Two: Decide on your goal. What do you want to manifest in your life? Love and romance? Better health or finances? The more you want it and the more realistic your goal is, the quicker it will be achieved. Look through your Tarot deck and choose a card that reflects that goal. Remember, it doesn’t matter what any book or authority says. Use your imagination!

Step Three: Take a candle into a dark room and light it. Now, just watch. In a few moments, you should notice that there is a golden glow around the flame. Remember what it looks like and put out the candle.

Step Four: In a dimly-lit room, take the card you selected and hold it in your left hand. Make sure there is nothing in the room that could be knocked over or that might hurt you if you bump into it. Relax and spend a few moments breathing deeply. Now, recall that glow around the candle flame and imagine it surrounding your heart. Allow that glow to expand until it fills the room, sending away any unwanted energy.

Step Five: While standing in the room, hold your left hand straight out to the left side and bend the wrist in so that you can see the card when you look to your left. Continue to stare at the card as you begin to spin in place, turning counterclockwise. Just stare at the card as you spin faster and faster. Continue until you get so dizzy or so tired that you can’t spin any more.

Step Six: Allow yourself to fall onto a bed, sofa, chair, or the floor and just laugh and laugh and laugh!

The spinning and focus on the card sends a combination of energy and the image to your unconscious mind. It literally tells your unconscious to do everything to make your goal manifest. Repeat steps four to six once a day. If any negative thoughts come up during the day, just spend a few minutes thinking of the image on your card, making it as vivid as possible.

Don’t be surprised when you manifest your goal!

Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy, and has become a certified hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner. After years of personal work and study, Don began teaching workshops on the Kabalah, Tarot, Magick, past lives, Tantra, meditation, the chakras and numerous other subjects throughout the U.S. and in Europe. His book, Modern Magick, is the most popular step-by-step course in real magick ever published.

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3 thoughts on “Manifesting With the Tarot

  1. patricia

    thank you for this information. for the last year the Hanged Man card has shown up repeatedly. i now know why. i was layed off from my job of 25 years due to it being outsourced to Asia. i divorced the man i was married to, after finding out he was cheating i moved back in with family, and have been on unemployment for a year now. the card showing up all year has been telling me to get rid of what i don’t need, which i have been doing. i have felt “stuck” all year, and now understand the whole meaning. thank you so much. i will ffocus on The Magician card to help me get thru this.

  2. psychicrikax5376

    Donald! My favorite step is number SIX – where you just collapse and laugh and laugh and laugh. Joy creates miracle after miracle.

    Plus, i absolutley agree that you can use the tarot for manifestation. I have often, if i didn’t like a particular outcome, switched with a card that I LIKED BETTER!

    With peace in our heart we choose our destiny!

    Psychic Rika x5376


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