Cat’s Eye Tarot: October 6 – 12

Cat's Eye Tarot: October 6-12 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

We revisit the cat kingdom again this week with the creator of the Cat’s Eye Tarot, Debra Givin. It seems that feline behavior holds the key to right action in most of life’s dilemmas. Givin states that: “Cats can teach us many things about how to make the best of any situation.” As a doctor of Veterinary Medicine for twenty-two years in an exclusively feline practice, Ms. Givins should know. Watching cats and their activities is not only a meditative practice, it can be downright enlightening!

Join me now as we ask these lovely creatures for the inner secrets of life through the images of the Cat’s Eye deck.

October 6 – Sunday

The Lovers

Let’s start by asking ourselves a question today. What is my concept of my perfect soul mate or partnership relationship? What does it look like, sound like, feel like, smell like, taste like? How does this look day to day, week to week, year to year? This could be about a new relationship or an existing partnership.

So often, we answer vaguely with: “Something else.” “Something that will make me “happy.”  “Someone who treats me well.” Okay, what does that look like, sound like, feel like, etc. moment to moment?

After this exercise, if we do it properly, we will have some concrete things to give the Universe to work with to find our perfect love. Now, it’s time to visualize, every day for at least five minutes, what it would look like in a movie. This is powerful and it is frequently funny how external reality works it out to replicate exactly what we visualize. If we do this daily we can expect BIG results in thirty to sixty days. Remember to intensely visualize, then completely release it to your Higher Power for the greatest good for all involved. Then get ready to be blessed!

 October 7 – Monday

Seven of Cups

Sometimes having too many options is not really an asset. What makes life worthwhile, if we think on it, are the times when we “pounce” and take action. Too much daydreaming dissipates energy. Always follow a happy fantasy for the future with at least one simple action that would bring it closer to reality. Do this every day and you will be amazed at what happens ninety days later, (or less).

October 8 – Tuesday

The Emperor

Self-discipline does seem to be necessary in order to get good things. It tends to boil down to passing up an immediate pleasure in favor of a better, long-term one. The Emperor sets a structure for success and sustainability in our affairs. The card today is a reminder that being a good parent to ourselves means being gentle and nurturing, disciplined and orderly. Today let’s ask: How can I get self-nurturing in better balance with self-discipline. Which do I need more of? Which do I need less of? If it’s hard to answer this on your own ask your best friend or love mate. They’ll see what we might not.

October 9 – Wednesday

Knight of Cups

A handsome young cat with charming body language brushes against the sofa. This card tells us that the Knight of Cups is sensitive, refined, introspective, and romantic.  It says that a sensitive and romantic individual has his eye on you. Do you know who this is?

With his velvety wit and way, he may be so subtle that we barely notice him at first, but when we look more closely he is unbelievably beautiful. If this sounds good to you, and is in line with your concept of your ideal lover, open your eyes in your immediate environment. He just might be standing there. Is he your current partner by any chance?

October 10 – Thursday

Wheel of Fortune

This is a turning point in your destiny. Movement toward your vision will take place. If things have been rough for you, luck is about to smile. But, because our image is a wheel, always turning, if we have been on a winning steak it may be time to cash in and walk away with our winnings! In either case, destiny is in motion for us today. Things are constantly changing and always will be. Don’t be so focused on the irrelevant that you miss the lucky chance when it comes around.

October 11 – Friday

Page of Cups

On this card a sweet, young kitten perches on a couch. He is shy, loving, and very emotional. However, if the question of relationship is at the forefront today, we may consider ourselves warned that a person of considerable instability and immaturity wouldn’t be the best bet for us long term. Sometimes, cuteness is not enough. Sometimes, consistency and depth are more important. The card suggests opening to a relationship with someone who isn’t “our type.” Karmic lessons and the strongest soul mates sometimes come from such situations.

October 12 – Saturday

The Hermit

An aged grandmother cat gazes thoughtfully, watching the landscape out her window. We may be searching for guidance through solitude. She has such quiet confidence. She lives in solitude but not in isolation. This card is saying that we could be called upon to offer compassion and solace to someone who is troubled today. Who is it? Could it be a part of our selves?

A Fun Spread to Try: The Nine Lives Spread

This nine card spread can be configured any way you choose. Three cards are pulled randomly for each of these three sections:

1= Play

2= Stray

3= Stay

The spread can add insight to issues relating to career, love, location, or friendship. Just about any situation contains the cycle of beginning, (playing), middle (straying), and ending, (staying). Of course, life situations don’t always follow this format. These three stages in the lifespan of a situation could potentially come in any order.

It helps to have insight into where we are in the cycle of each situation, project, job, or relationship and all the ramifications of each action we have, or will take. This spread sheds light onto what is likely to occur with an action we are currently contemplating, and on where we are now in the “lifespan” of this situation.

This is a meditative spread. It is helpful to not rush through it, but to really “sit” with the cards until they reveal all of their layers of wisdom.

Thanks for joining me this week. I hope to see you again!

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