Love Lost to Faith

Roz in Singapore, writes:

Dear Red,

I wrote in to you from Singapore, saying that I am a Muslim who is in love with a non-Muslim who is so perfect but he has refused to convert to Islam so that we can get married. I was pleasantly surprised when you replied. But you said that we will eventually break it off because it will get too painful to carry on. Well, you are right. He initiated a breakup, which I was not expecting so soon, but we both know that we still care for each other very much. My question is, do you see both of us settling for other people in the near future? I am finding it so hard to let go. And I know he still cares for me very deeply. Or, will we ever get back together?

Dear Roz,

I am so sorry. I really do wish things had worked out differently for you.

Even though your heart yearns for your ex, I am not seeing a romantic reunion for the two of you. However, some bonds are never truly broken, they simply change with the passing of time. You two will always care a great deal for one another, and never completely lose touch. But, as life must go on, things will never be quite the same.

Each of you will heal and find others with whom to share your lives. Every relationship is different. Keep this in mind, and in time, it may be easier for you to find happiness than if you look at it as if you are settling for another man. Just because you won’t love another the same way that you love your ex doesn’t mean that you will never love again.

Your ex will be keeping company with a woman he will be introduced to this fall. While that will be painful to you, you will get through it.

Your heart will still be heavy, but there is a man who is suitable for marriage heading your way in May of 2011. Even though you are going to be a bit resistant to him initially, you will find that you are actually attracted to him. In time, his humor, kindness, and deep brown eyes will start to win you over. The connection you will build with him is going to be a different experience, but different in this case does not mean settling or bad. He is quite patient with you, allowing you time to let your heartache and uncertainties fade.

You may not be able to fathom it now, but you will find happiness again. In 2014, I see you getting married, and you will marry for love. Things will work out for you better than what you are expecting. While it isn’t always easy to have faith for the future, as time passes, you will be happily surprised.

I wish you the best.

Brightest Blessings,


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