Live Long, and Prosper

I have to come clean. I saw the new Star Trek movie. Twice. I couldn’t help it. I’m not even a Trekkie and I thought it was awesome. Star Trek, it may surprise you, actually deals with a range of philosophical, metaphysical and even psychic quandaries. Throughout the movie I felt guilty for having a strange crush on Mr. Spock. Not Leonard Nimoy! Newcomer Zachary Quinto from the TV show Heroes. He killed it as Spock. He brought emotional sensitivity to an emotionless Vulcan. If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is.

I took it upon myself to check out his astrology, and I looked at Leonard Nimoy’s stars for good measure. They didn’t have ANYTHING in common. In fact, Nimoy has an abundance of impulsive Aries – not what you’d expect from a Vulcan, they are supposed to be the most rational beings in the universe after all.

Quinto on the other hand, I could see a direct relationship to the character. A Pluto in Libra placement gives him an interest in psychology and sociology – something Spock is very attune to. Jupiter in Gemini gives him a thirst for knowledge (there’s a great scene where young Spock is in a learning pod absorbing everything about the universe). But my favorite is his Saturn Trine Neptune. According to our Kepler astrology tool, this placement means: “You are philosophical about life and very perceptive, but may have an exaggerated sense of your own wisdom and depth of understanding of religious, metaphysical, artistic, or intuitive subjects.” They should just rename that aspect Spock – talk about being conflicted.

8 thoughts on “Live Long, and Prosper

  1. seth ext 5127

    Hi Jen,
    Wow I don’t feel crazy anymore for noticing this. er…um…maybe still crazy just not SO crazy! The angels pointed out somewhere along the way that the same place that artists go to access their creativity is the same place that psychics go to access the information for readings and so on and so on. I bet you were especially intuitive during that class and noticed a lot of synchronicity huh?
    As for the film, I think the casting turned was exceedingly brilliant. I heard a nickname out there calling the movie “Star Trek 90210” because of all the beautiful people in the movie. They had a way of making even spok a handsome guy…so I guess the shoe fits!

  2. Jen

    Hi Seth!
    That is so interesting that your Angel guides use pop culture icons such as Star Trek to teach you lessons. When I was in college my favorite classes (and the ones I learned the most from) had us relate what we were learning to what was going on in the culture at large. We had philosophy tests on The Matrix!
    Also, Simon Pegg as Scottie…brilliant casting!

  3. Seth Ext 5127

    The most interesting thing about Star Trek (as with any work of fiction) is that there are hidden truths and clues embeddend in it. Because it’s premise already transcends the limitations of our usual life, it just gets better from there. I can’t tell you how many times the angels have used a Star Trek episode to teach me one of their empowering concepts. I do readings for many people who are “spiritual teachers” and are choosing to teach through the medium of fiction. As am I. To some people what they are watching in the fiction of Star Trek, can be pure entertainment. And when another person is ready, they can get deep meaningful answers while being entertained. I am a huge Star Trek enthusiast and saw the movie. I always love a good temporal anamoly in the plotline My favorite insight this first time around was when Scottie realized that he had evolved transporter technology by realizing that the universe was what was in motion….not us!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yeah I saw same article about President Obama….and you are right…I thought same thing…amazing.
    Jen…have a graet week !!!!
    ….time for me to go meditate.
    Later, Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Didn’t see the movie yet….but I really want to….I’ve always been a Star Trek fan.
    I can relate to Spock.
    I am a Virgo with most of the rest of
    my chart resting in water…… my Moon & Mars in Pisces, with Uranus sitting atop my rising sign which is Cancer….alot more in my 4th house of cancer as well, and alot in 8th house.
    I’ve always been interested in gathering scientific data to lend credibility to this field. My GreatAunt was a pioneer in this field, but when I decided to go forth and carry on her work, I decided to try to bring credibility to the field.
    Which is is WHY I targeted Psychiatrists and Law Enforcement people,.. upon which I built a career and reputation as being a credible but grounded psychic.)
    My LEFT ( logical, analytical ) side of the brain is always rationalizing, working out the hows and whys of the Right ( psychic,creative ) side of the brain…. it has helped me to teach and train others….develope exercises to stengthen psychic abilities…etc.
    Good article…..Thank You , Gina Rose ext.9500
    IDEA ….We need a ” Good News ” Blog…just saw Oprah…..we should have our own good news blog…..I love to hear those stories…people reaching out to others in need…..


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