How a Psychic Gets on the Line

Not too long ago, Venice Ext. 9561, decided she wanted to reach more people with her gifts. So the clairvoyant, who has been professional Tarot reader for more than 17 years, did a little homework. She researched psychic networks and landed on California Psychics. To begin with, she perused the website.

“I enjoyed the articles and I immediately got the impression that this was a professional establishment with a lot of integrity. I had been to the site in the past and it seemed that they’d expanded, which was also a good sign because it would allow me to work amid a large arena like I’d hoped. Of course, intuitively, I got a positive vibe from California Psychics,” recalls Venice, who inherited her psychic abilities from her grandmother and later studied the Tarot and Celtic Runes for her personal metaphysical development.

When she contacted California Psychics they explained to her the course of action toward acceptance. “I realized that the process was going to require patience and professionalism. It wasn’t going to be overnight.” This actually piqued her interest and instilled confidence in her because chances were she would be working with psychics of the same caliber.

“Let’s just say, I knew I didn’t have to worry about working with people who weren’t who they claimed to be,” says Venice. The testing process, which includes a thorough background check and a series of evaluations, is intense because California Psychics wants to recruit the best possible psychics out there, explains the Psychic Manager, who oversees 180 psychics from all over the continent.

Once Venice’s references were checked out and she was successfully screened, (she, by the way, is certified by the Independent Board of International Psychic Review) her gifts were examined, she had to give a couple of test readings, which is equivalent to a job interview, says the
Psychic Manager.

Venice gave two detailed and insightful readings during which it became obvious that she was the real deal. She wasn’t blurting out similar “fortunes” or trying to fumble her way through the session. She was genuine and in the end, they concluded that she had the gift of clairvoyance and a positive, caring attitude.

“Venice was the highest evaluated psychic we’ve had in a year,” remarks the Psychic Manager. Meanwhile, Venice also was pleased because she found that everyone she dealt with was respectful with a “good, decent sense of humor.”

“Forming a relationship with a company is like getting married,” says Venice. “You want to get to know each other and you want it to be for the long term. California Psychics takes their relationships seriously. I wanted to find a company who reflects me and my standards and I found them!”

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