JT and Jessica Biel Split?!

Tweets are aflutter that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel may be on the verge of breaking up. Right now it is mere rumor and speculation, but Us Weekly says JT broke it off with Biel a month ago. The claim that Timberlake left Biel for Rihanna has been sweeping the Internet.

Looking at his chart, JT has Venus in Capricorn Square Pluto – translation he can come across detached but really prefers his relationships to be passionate and tumultuous.

I love JT. We have the same initials.

2 thoughts on “JT and Jessica Biel Split?!

  1. Phillip# 9485

    I just took a look at them both separately and together. Both of them have Venus square Pluto in their natal charts and when I line up their charts, his Venus squares her Pluto and her Venus squares his Pluto. This very clearly indicates that neither one of them is presently willing to relinquish any control in this relationship. Refusal to give up that control has cost them the relationship. Too bad, because it was pretty strong.


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