Intro to the I-Ching


In an attempt to keep things from sounding too complicated, the I Ching is The Book of Changes. This is a Chinese philosophy and divination tool designed to help the querent not only receive a prediction, but also to cope with the “trip to the destination.” It centers on the ideas of 1) balance between opposites, 2) dealing with process, and 3) accepting the inevitable or change.

The divining tools in I Ching are either yarrow sticks or coins. These tools will have carved lines on them that show the yin (broken, an open line with a gap in the center) and yang (an unbroken or solid line). There is also the actual Book of Changes, which contains the 64 Hexagrams and an analysis of each.

The three principals of the I Ching are:

  1. Keep Things Simple – balance in the root of the matter. Everything in the universe is utterly plain and simple, no matter how complex some things seem to be.
  2. The Domino Effect – something always triggers other things. Everything in the universe is in motion. By really getting this, you may realize the importance of flexibility in life. Thus, understanding the need and having the tools to deal with diversity.
  3. Accepting Change – the essence of the issue. While everything in the universe is changing, the one that never changes … is change.

I recently did an I Ching and Tarot reading for a client who wanted to see the change in the heart of an ex. We had read together before, and I did a Tarot reading with a timeline prediction. She wanted to see where they stood.

“I haven’t spoken to him in weeks, and there’s been no advance on his part. I just don’t see how he’s ever going to come back,” Louise started our conversation. The I Ching basically told her to wait for now because he is still wandering. Feelings are stirring underneath it all, but only the wandering will bring his change.

“How is he wandering?” she asked. A Tarot spread showed him dating, and this is something no one wants to hear. “Remember something must occur to bring his epiphany. If you drop a book on the sidewalk, a man helps you pick it up, you bump heads, you laugh, and go for coffee … the universe is always in motion. One thing triggers another.”

The I Ching is very complex in the beginning, but it is an excellent philosophy to study. The text is over 2,500 years old, with modern translation and notes. This is a great tool to get well-rounded reasoning, and has helped many followers to move forward more selflessly.

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