Love Prediction Comes True

A year ago, on my 35th birthday, I called one of our excellent psychics, Michael, and asked all the burning questions that had been keeping me up at night for the past six months: “Where is my partner?” “When will my career take off?” “Where are all the good things I want for myself?”

Michael gave me a number of visions, predictions and words of wisdom. So, how do they hold up a year later?

My Partner
Michael told me that my partner was coming in May. His name would be Steve, and we would talk about chopsticks. Well, May 2nd came — and with it three Steves. The one Michael told me would come back around did. We dated for … six weeks. And then, poof! He was gone. I turned my disappointment and confusion into dating mania, and I got back out there with a vengeance

The energy of ‘patiently waiting for the one’ evaporated and I became a dating machine. I went on multiple dates each week with different men. ‘Treat me right or there’s the door!’ And then, wham! A guy who treats me like a queen showed up and on the third date asked directly for an exclusive relationship. Oh, did I mention that he talked about chopsticks in the last five minutes of our first date? His name isn’t Steve. However, he’s got a lot of things in common with the Steve that stuck around for those six weeks. The physical description Michael gave me … spot on. From behind, they could be mistaken for each other. Except this guy makes me laugh out loud and loves me. I love him, too. And one other thing, Michael told me I would be a relationship magnet in November. Our first date was November 1st.

My Career
Michael told me my play would be a success and six weeks later, I was attending the reading in New York. After great notes, rewriting it was a challenge that took a lot longer than I thought. Mostly because I was going on so many dates! Michael told me a year ago that I was sitting in a boat and I needed to decide where to row. I rowed for the relationship first, which slowed down other things. Nonetheless, I did get promoted this year at my fantastic job in television. I have grown into the promotion and am very, very good at my job.

My bosses have told me that the next big promotion will come in the New Year. I can feel that I am doing everything right in this area. Last week, I got the new play draft to my director and she loves it. One of my short stories has been chosen to be performed live. Suddenly, I am the one that’s making it to the finale. Most importantly, just as I did a 180 in my relationship confidence, my belief in my own talent is at an all-time high.

The Rest
Michael told me that one day I would return to my hometown, which is why I am so homesick all the time. Well, a year later, I am not homesick. I can’t emphasize enough how this has increased my quality of life. If I end up there one day far in the future, then it will be. But my life is here now. I am here, in the present. I don’t want to change anything about my life at all. I even love my own apartment. All the questions of “Am I doing my life right?” “Should I change everything?” Gone. Replaced with major gratitude. I don’t think I have smiled this much in a long, long time.

Michael told me that one year from my initial reading, the things that were weighing me down would be lifted. He said my life would look entirely different. Well, I got a promotion and the money has freed up a huge space in my mind that was dedicated to constant calculations of what I could do without. My career is growing and I am feeling great about my talent. And the most wonderful thing that happened is that the real chopsticks man walked right into my life, thanks to saying yes to yet one more internet date. So, it turned out 35 has been the very best year so far.

The present is so bright, I am wearing shades for 36!

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