High Praise for Kallista

“I have written a testimonial about Kallista before and I simply feel compelled to write another one. This woman is not only remarkable, but she is warm, extremely insightful, and just overall great. I realize that the psychics at California Psychics go through the same qualifying criteria. However, I honestly don’t see why anyone would want to read with another psychic besides Kallista. She has truly earned her title as ‘The Psychic of Psychics.'”

Alex, Pasadena

2 thoughts on “High Praise for Kallista

  1. Kallista ext. 9623

    Thank you Miss Krystal and Lonnie! You are both so kind. I am indeed grateful for the positive testimonial above as well as for each one written for me. As you know, our reward is knowing we have in some way helped our clients to have better lives.
    Blessings to you both,
    Kallista ext. 9623


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