Henry VIII

Born under a sensitive Cancer sun, there was more to England’s King Henry VIII than the corpulent tyrant who either had his wive’s heads cut off or divorced them. In his younger days, Henry VIII was not only handsome and debonair, but was a very athletic man who had a love of hunting, jousting and tennis – and was a prolific author and musician. With Venus in Gemini, Henry was fickle in love – as evidenced by his six marriages. His desperation to have a male heir to succeed his throne was the deciding factor in the abandonment of his wives. It’s no surprise that his Uranus was in Capricorn as he was known to be highly intelligent and very involved in foreign affairs. After a life of hard living, the King died in 1547 at the age of 55. He was succeeded by each of his three children – Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I – none of whom produced any heirs.

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