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There’s an old Buddhist saying that people like to throw out when they think a friend is moving away just to escape a problem: “Wherever you go, there you are.” And it’s true, of course.

But as Relocation Astrology so beautifully illustrates, you may still be the same old you when you make a big move or vacation in distant lands, but you can see yourself in new ways, new facets of yourself can be activated, and familiar ones can be refocused by a major change in location. A move across town is unlikely to create a change, but anything over 100 miles can have some effect.

One caution: in order for Relocation Astrology to work properly, you absolutely must have your correct birth time. And don’t ask your parents. Even astrologer parents are notoriously distracted during the birth process. Take a look at your birth certificate for the time.

Chart-Based Relocation
There are two types of Relocation Astrology. One type simply reconstructs your birth chart by substituting your birthplace with the location you’re considering for a job or vacation.

This has no effect on the actual signs, degrees, and aspects of the planets in your birth chart, but it can have major effect on where the planets’ influences are focused. Sometimes there’s no significant change at all, but often planets will shift houses, meaning that the area of your life that’s highlighted by those planets changes. Or your ascendant can change signs, which can create marked changes in your personality. An astrologer can use this method to quickly see what kinds of changes, if any, a major move could create.

One man who had excelled in school all his life moved to the opposite side of the world for advanced study, and his academic career absolutely fell apart. He learned from an astrologer that the planets which had contributed strongly to his success had changed houses, moving their focus away from academics, and the astrologer was able to help him locate several places where his studies would be supported. The next move was successful, and he is now a practicing physician, using his specialty in a country which he also chose through Relocation Astrology.

Astrocartography is derived from the actual physical locations of the planets over the earth at the exact moment of your birth (which is why being sure of that exact moment is so important!).

An astrocartography report usually includes a world map with lots of wavy lines, which can seem confusing at first, but it’s particularly helpful if you’re browsing for a special vacation, or if you do the kind of work which allows you to live wherever you want. If you invest just a little time in study, you can use the basic map to narrow down a few locations that appeal to you. Then, because there are usually several more lines affecting a location than a typical astrocartography map shows, the next step is to take your choices to an astrologer who does this type of relocation astrology.

Just your first glance at an astrocartography map can show you why you’ve always preferred to live on the East Coast, or why you always end up choosing New Orleans for your vacation, or why you were in such a hurry to “get out of Dodge” when you graduated high school.

But there’s so much more you can learn! When one woman looked at the relocation map that accompanied the report she’d requested for a major job relocation, she discovered that two countries in which she’d experienced vivid past life memories had planets in her chart directly overhead at birth — the Sun and Pluto.

Joining Forces
The best way to get the most out of relocation astrology is to use both techniques, whether you brainstorm with astrologers or study reports. But if you enjoy the process of study and discovery, getting to know Relocation Astrology for yourself can open up wide vistas full of possibilities for dreaming and action!

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