Day in the Life: Psychic Coralie

Day in the Life: Psychic Coralie | California Psychics

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you call for a reading. In our continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day to day lives. In today’s “Day in the Life”, California Psychics interviews Psychic Coralie.

What does a typical day off look like for you?

The first thing I do every morning is feed our three cats and our dog, Luna. I then begin my morning routine, which starts with meditation, journaling, a Tarot card pull, and I wind it down with some yoga.

My schedule varies after that, which suits me well. I prefer my days to be filled with variety. I’ve been self-employed for 29 years, so I’m used to setting my own schedule.

How do you relax or clear your mind after being on the line all day?

In the evening I love to wind down by looking at Pinterest for inspiration. I love crafting, and especially creating things from repurposed materials in order to have less impact on the environment. I’ll also watch videos online sometimes, usually for a class I’m taking. I’ve taken classes on bookmaking, mixed media, stitching, and ecodyeing recently. Allowing my creativity to flow in new and interesting ways is truly soul-nurturing.

What are fun things that you like to do in your free time?

I love taking my dog for walks in the woods around the house, exercising, and working in my garden. I also love to write, something I’ve loved since I was young. While I mostly write blog posts for my business and other sites related to that, I write fiction as well. I’ve even written a workbook for aspiring yoga teachers and hope to complete it soon.

I am also a yoga teacher and have studied many forms of yoga over the years (I call it “Purposeful Yoga,) and I always make sure to devote some free time to planning those classes. My goal at the end of the day is to help my students find a way for the yoga to serve them rather than to think they need to have a perfect pose. My classes have also expanded into a yearly retreat, so I always reserve some time to planning those too.

Did you develop your psychic abilities in an interesting way?

While I was always intuitive my abilities really woke up when I first started doing massage 30 years ago. I would put my hands on a client and see pictures. I started studying energy work like reiki, pranic healing, and pleiadian lightwork. Later I learned to do Akashic Record readings which are one of my favorite types of readings. I learned I could get information without having to touch someone.

Did you have a completely different career path in your past?

I love being of service to others so no surprise that I got a degree in social work. After 10 years I decided I wanted work that was more wholistic, so I became a massage therapist. I loved the work but decided not to return to it after 29 years earlier this year.

Because I love to learn and am always looking for new tools to help others, I added other healing and growth modalities to my work over the years. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been a yoga teacher since 1993. I also became a certified aromatherapist, a transformational coach, an EFT practitioner, an energy worker, and an intuitive reader.

I taught for 17 years at a massage school teaching aromatherapy, massage, and business. I added readings into my repertoire in 1999 after taking a Pleiadian Lightwork training. I’d already been picking up intuitive information from my massage clients and that training helped me trust the information I received.

What do you think our readers would like to learn about you?

One of the many forms of psychic reading I perform is called an Akashic Record Reading. These readings are longer than a typical reading, as they go more in depth into your life path and any blocks that might be in your way. During a reading, the caller and I will take a few moments to ground and center and then enter the records after reciting a brief key that connects us to the records. The Akashic Records contain the history of everyone’s lives: past, present, as well as possible futures. I think of them as a library where you can access information that is impacting your life. For example, you might find yourself struggling financially in this life only to discover you took a vow of poverty in a previous life. I find that the guides reveal exactly what you need to know right now.

I’m also well-known for my work in Pranic Healing. One of the tools I use the most from these practices is cord removal. People can often end up with energy connections to others that drain their energy, keep them entangled in unhealthy ways, or leave them tired. Removing the cords frees up the energy so they can use it for the goals they want to accomplish. I find removing those cords also helps shift relationships.

Have you helped a client in a memorable way?

One day I heard a message that I should fix up one of my massage clients with one of my friends. I resisted the impulse because it didn’t seem very professional. But the message was strong and came from outside of me, so I followed through with the guidance and a couple years later was invited to be my client’s “best person” at their wedding. Twenty years later they’re still married!

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