Grace vs. Karma

Grace transcends karma. When you “get” a lesson without either blaming someone or exacting revenge – when you learn how to forgive, and say “thank you” for every experience you have – then you are learning how to apply Grace to your life. When you give up feeling as though you were a victim of circumstances, Grace enters quietly. Grace frees you from having to repeat lessons over and over again. It’s your “get out of jail free” card!

Grace does not struggle. Grace simply observes. Grace does not judge. Grace sees the perfection in everyone. Grace shows in the state of being thankful. Grace finds peaceful solutions to every situation. Grace chooses to walk away from discord, into the arms of love.

Karma means cause and effect. For every action, there is an equal and measurable reaction. For example, let’s say you find that your spouse and your best friend are cheating on you. If you chose to keep the karmic wheel in motion, you would probably hate them both, and exact some form of revenge on them for their deceitfulness. Perhaps you’d play the victim role, instead – you’d become bitter and spiteful. You’d never trust anyone again, and you’d make sure that everyone knew how horribly your ex-spouse and best friend had treated you. Then in another lifetime, you would have the opportunity to do the same thing to the people who betrayed you… and you would take it. And so on.

If you chose Grace, however, you would work hard at forgiving them both. Through prayer, meditation, patience and being gentle toward yourself, there wouldn’t be any more lessons like that one, ever again!

The soul is immortal. Everyone is family, beyond the veil. We choose our roles, and not everyone wants to be “the good guy” here on earth. However, villains are made from the same cosmic dust as everyone else. The victimizers must play their roles convincingly, so that their victims will have an opportunity to either forgive them, through the Law of Grace – or not, through the Law of Karma.

Countries have karma, too – and cities – and families. There is individual karma, and there is planetary karma. Applying the Law of Grace to every situation can, in time, clear all of it away.

The next time you find yourself in a difficult situation that presents you with a choice, challenge yourself to take a deep breath – and choose Grace. Through the act of forgiveness, divine intelligence will help you to let go and transcend the situation. Soon you will find yourself moving forward, and you will forget the pain of betrayal.

Observe how much lighter you feel after having chosen the path of Grace!

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