Full Moon Tarot

This month has two Full Moons. This is what’s called a Blue Moon. I have noticed this first Full Moon has had a strong affect on Virgos and their partners. Virgo is represented as The Hermit in Tarot. The Hermit is a deep thinker who seems to wander, however, all who wander are not lost. What I’ve noticed about a lot of the readings I’ve been giving to relationships involving Virgos is that relationships that felt pretty safe are experiencing the rumblings of doubt.

Recently I had a call from Carla, a Virgo, who was wrecked over her 9 year relationship with Joanne, a Virgo as well. “She broke up with me and told me a laundry list of things she’s been holding inside. She said the most horrible things about me, my children, and my family. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth.”

After doing a spread on their dynamic I found Carla was the Page of Swords and Joanne was the Knight of Batons inverted and sitting between them was the Hermit.

What this is saying is that Carla had been seeking outside of the relationship and Joanne just couldn’t see this relationship going anywhere any longer because she knew and was FINALLY able to admit it. As difficult as it is to say, I had to tell Carla that the relationship had been a safety net for her. Joanne was trying to find something better and more complete for herself. And there is not a thing wrong with this.

This Full Moon is a good time for cleansing for any of us. Call your favorite psychic to see if there’s any area of your life that needs a good scrubbing. Perhaps even a sea salt soak, a good house cleaning, maybe even a clarifying shampoo. Just lather, rinse, and repeat!

10 thoughts on “Full Moon Tarot

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  5. Maria

    I am empathetic with your experience . Many people have gone down that road wanting a different outcome . I shall just say ,not all women are controlling and disrespecting. My experience and lesson I learned is ….. date, get and give oneself time; do not be impulsive when choosing to live or commit to a live in relationship.
    Until you meet that special someone keep putting your self out there . The possibilities are endless and have fun ! Maria

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  7. Cheryl

    I have a question, had a reading about this man that I can’t Quit thinking about, he seems to have moved on, she said my problem was that we have unfinished business between us, that he doesn’t know it yet, what does that mean.

  8. Psychic Giovanna x5214

    Nunu you are a wonderfully gifted tarot reader! I always enjoy your articles: you share so much knowledge insight with your audience.
    I look forward to the next installment =)

  9. Chloe ext. 9421

    It’s always so wonderful when I can learn something new from my fellow California psychics. Being a triple Virgo myself, your insight and knowledge about the Blue Moon has explained so much! Thank you Nunu. May the day bring glorious readings to us all. ~Chloe ext. 9421

  10. indigodanceIndigodance

    I have Virgo husband, and Virgo male friend – both seem somewhat distracted for various reasons. Both have Scorpio rising as I do (I also have Scropio moon and Leo sun – hence very tuned in to others emotions – not always a good thing !!!)
    I know, both have issues with relationship – husband with me (I dont think he wants to be with me any more but too lazy to do anything about it – I have no issue with this, just get on with it
    Male Virgo friend is in somewhat of a more mess (same bunny boiler affair has taken over his life yet again – not a very nice lady) – as his Saturn is in Virgo 0 deg I am assuming a lot is down to karma. Also his moon in in Cancer – very emotional man – but a very nice man. I do feel for him. I do feel this is karmic return for him to get it sorted once and for all – but he doesnt see it that way.
    Ahh…. men…..


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