The Truth About Karma

Don’t be fooled! By definition, there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” karma. A Sanskrit word that means “act, deed, action or performance,” Karma itself is completely neutral. It’s The Law of Karma that keeps us in line! So what is it?

Essentially, Karmic Law dictates that “you reap what you sow,” “what goes around, comes around,” or (if you prefer) “an eye for an eye.” And while the specifics vary slightly by spiritual tradition (where Karmic Philosophy has its roots), even the most scientific mind can acknowledge that “every action causes an equal and opposite reaction.” In other words, the purpose of Karma is actually to restore balance.

Karmic perception
Most of us tend to think of Karma in terms of punishment and reward. When good things happen, we attribute it to good Karma, and when things go awry, it must be our bad Karma kicking in. Ultimately, this isn’t karmic truth, it’s just our perception – we’re praising or blaming ourselves for our past actions.

Karmic responsibility
Karmic Law is all about responsibility — it states that our deeds, thoughts and actions create our past, present and future. Therefore, it is the Karma we have created that shapes and molds how things in our life unfold. Ultimately, the pain or joy we have created for ourselves and those who surround us will circle round and find us again.

Karmic effect
Karma always gets her due. Sometimes she just waits a couple of lifetimes. While this may hardly seem balanced or fair, ultimately, it has to be. That’s Karma’s job. While we may not remember deeds of past lives or every action in this life that brings our Karma into play — when Karma is present, balance is being restored.

Karmic purpose
Karma maintains balance in the universe. In order for that balance to be maintained, living things must learn their lessons to live consciously and responsibly with a view that extends beyond their immediate circle. This is the path to enlightenment, which brings understanding.

And when we have greater understanding, it becomes easier to see that Karma just is.

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