Fight Your Fear

With my experience as a Psychic Detective, I have learned it’s never too early to start empowering your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, and any aspiring adults you know. My work here at California Psychics includes a personal mission, and that is to empower ALL women. Especially those who didn’t receive the care and training they needed as children.

With my remote viewing skills, and Clairvoyance I can see what needs to be done to keep my women safe! I also can profile anyone you ask me about. You need to know how to act when faced with a threatening situation. It’s important to know how to  get yourself to safety.

I have a special bond with my granddaughter Gabriella, she is a very psychic child. At the age of three she recognized me as her past life Mother! As all you Mothers out there may already be thinking, yes, this was my daughter Gabby’s worst nightmare come true. Gabby and her daughter Gabriella have always clashed. Her son often compensated for the close bond she and her daughter could not create. When Gabriella has problems, Grand mom gets a call.

This afternoon, I visited  Gabby and the kids. Nicholas and Gabriella were swinging on the swings and sure enough Nick fell off his swing, he’s not quite ready to hold his own. As Gabby ran out and coddled him , Gabriella came stomping in the house and sat at the table where I was sitting. She had her arms crossed and her bottom lip stuck out. “Whats wrong?” I asked. ” “My Mother hates me!” she said. When I inquired why she would say such a thing, she told me that she had fallen off the swings one week ago and her Mom told her to get up, brush herself off, and get back on the swing! No coddling there!I knew I needed to tread lightly before answering her. I remember my father teaching me to box when I was eight, and if a boy would start a fight with me, my father wouldn’t let me back in the house until I won! He had created a strong woman in me. One that could draw her strength from within herself. Just one of the things he taught me was to drive a car when I was two — and yes my Mother was beside herself. I now have my license to drive any semi-loaded with explosive chemicals. I can’t tell you how many times he drummed in my head, “If someone had ever done anything, before me, I could do it, too” and he meant anything, including being a rocket scientist.

I looked at Gabriella and said, “Young Lady (she is eight now), your Brother is still a baby, and you are growing up. What your Mother is doing is teaching you that you are strong, that you can take a fall, and get right back up. You need to know that you are strong!” Her face dropped and she seemed at peace. “I’m strong, Grand mom, ” she said to me. “And do you still think your Mother doesn’t love you, because she shows you that you are strong?” She shot a dirty look at her little brother out of the front picture window, then she smiled at me and said, ” I guess not.  She loves me.  I know that,” she said.

As she sat staring at the ceiling, she started to tell me she sees angels, and she said, “They protect me, Grand mom.” “I am sure they do, but you still need to skip the ballerina classes and go for a black belt!” I replied. As your angels do look over you, there are some things they have to leave up to you. “Yeah,” she said sadly, “every night I ask them to make me not scared, but I still am Grand mom!  I am scared someone is going to take me, a bad man!”

Memories from my own childhood flooded me. I thought about my fears as a child, and immediately drew from the well of my father’s wisdom. “OK, come here,” I said to Gabrielle. “Pretend I am a man who is going to take you!” She laughed. “Seriously. Now do you know what power words have? The ones you’re not supposed to use?” “Yes,” she said. “Well I am giving you permission to use them … only if a man tries to take you. First off, stay back away from a stranger. If he speaks, run, but if he is too close for you to run, say every power word you know starting with Yo Momma! He might answer you , but my Momma will shoot you M#%@er Fu@&er. Stand with your hand on one hip, growl like a bear, and get ready to be a monster, because the guys that pick up little girls like the nice, quiet, and helpful little girls, and you’re not going to be a victim,” I said.

So she practiced this scenario for about five minuted until I felt she had her role down pat. Just then her Mom had just walked in, and she yelled, “Mom — I am not scared anymore! Grand mom taught me how not to let a man take me!”

Apply the same wisdom to your life. In the meantime, we’re only a phone call away if you need us…

9 thoughts on “Fight Your Fear

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  3. geraldine

    I think this a great information site ! lot’s of women could use this site,providing it’s FREE for our use,at NO COST! I was assulted chased down the street,at night by a black man just released from prison.As he chased me he had a tube-by-four in his hand.I slipped and fell and he grabbed me by my hair,and dragged me under a red semi-trailer,where he held a brick,and told me if that if i fought by he would bash my head in.I tried to remain calm and he got comfortable,and laid the brick down,and i grabbed it and we fought,he did rape me! And when he was done,he told me that next time this happens,I should not put up a fight! And he went on to tell me exactly what color my house was,where I lived,and how many children i had.And that if he found out that the police was looking for him that he would pour gas around my home and burn us alive.Being a single mother living alone,I never did report it.I have moved on with my life,unafraid.I am more aware of my surroundings,and I’m always looking and studying faces,of strangers.I did not have the support of my female relatives,they would have said nothing! to help me.But I am married now and have 100% support of my husband and two son’s,My daughter inlaw was assulted (home invasion) where she was kicked,beat,and stomped,and the police treated her as if she was the criminal.And the police here in Lincoln,Nebraska, don’t push to catch the criminals,here to bring them into court.Because of this I have become a stronger woman and so has my daughter inlaw. thank you for allowing us to have a voice, God blee you! geraldine

  4. Jackie

    Hi Darcy,
    I loved this article. Even as a grown adult it helps me see and understand things about myself. I don’t feel i had that guidance as a child, therefore when i did marry and get out of the house at an early age I was still coddled and protected (so to speak). When i divorced at 33, i felt like a lost child thrown out in the world on my own as an adult. I ended up having to be treated for social anxiety within months.
    But in all of that, my daughter is the exact opposite. She is a very strong and strong willed 19 yr. old and has been for many years.
    Your article was very interesting to say the least, wish I would have had more encouragement ‘to be strong’ when I was young.
    Thank you again!

  5. balancedesires

    Wow! Darcy what a strong & spunky woman you are! What a powerful article, your grandchildren are blessed to have you & any woman that contacts you on the line as well! Balance & fuzzies!

  6. Giovanna x5214

    Empowerment for women (and kids!!) is SO important…Being independent, able to defend yourself when needed, and having the courage to take life by the reigns when needed to move forward are priceless gifts we can impart to our girls. One of my volunteer projects actually works specifically with empowering young girls and I feel sooo very blessed to participate!! =)

    As for feeling strong and capable, I trained in structured martial arts, which benefited me immensely, and now have both my children involved. Even though they are young, I have “drilled” into them the importance of strength coming from the inside, problem solving through intuition, listening to your inner guide, and believing in yourself and your potential, no matter what. My son has A LOT of extra energy, which often creates channeling the energy issues in school. Getting him involved in martial arts training has had a tremendous positive effect on his behavior. Oppositely, my daughter is very, very shy and has opened up significantly in terms of confidence since working with martial arts.

    I highly recommend martial arts training to all families, including those that feel they have a “problem” child. The tools and strengths developed through this type of training can help to turn anyone’s self perceptions around to the positive, and secondary benefits include increased fitness, endurance, and physical strength.

    Who doesn’t like to feel strong, confident, and in control of oneself? =)

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Darcy,
    I loved your article…..I agree that more women need to empower themeslves and teach, expecially their daughters, what empowerment means.

    My youngest brother has his own dojo and teaches martial arts…..when my granddaughter is old enough , not only will I teach her how to meditate but she will also have martial arts training as well.
    Martial arts are great for not only teaching meditation, but also self defense and discilpine as well.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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