The Healing Heart of Helping Others

Learn to Help Yourself by Helping Others First—It’s Healing!

It is with great pride that I announce my 10th year as a psychic with California Psychics! Along the way I have learned many things. In my own life, as well as the lives of the hundreds of people for whom I have read, many lessons have been revealed and many more have been gathered.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for whom I have had the honor to read. Through the power of our psychic connections, great healing has taken place in all of our lives. I have witnessed lovers reuniting, careers changing course, forgiveness reached and great spiritual insight gained for many, many people.

I have also noticed that the more people I reach, the more balanced my own life has become. I believe this is a basic truth of the divine world from which all psychic energy flows and returns: the more we help others, the more love and balance will find those who are reaching out in compassion.

Those of you who volunteer your time and energy to any noble cause know that, no matter how bad your day may be, helping any living creature in need is going to make your problems seem much lighter. Whether you are helping dogs and cats at the local shelter or homeless humans, the extension of compassion that happens as you go beyond your own immediate comfort cannot be denied and it is almost also instantly rewarded. It simply feels wonderful to know you have brought a moment of comfort to another sentient being.

I have been reading for the public for more than 40 years and along the way, I have had bad news to deliver (i.e., Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy, to name a few) and I have had great joy to share (upcoming marriage, a new job on the horizon, etc.) There have been far more moments of joy than despair and that feels truly wonderful!

In my life, I have faced epic levels of betrayal and loss and yet, each time I came online to read for someone, my heart began to heal just a little more than it would have had I stayed away. I have learned to listen to the lessons my guides are asking me to share with others because, in so sharing, I have learned something profound, too.

I know it may sound trite, but this axiom is true: we really are spiritual beings on a physical journey. I thank each and every one of your for blessing my journey and I sincerely hope to hear from those whom I have helped, also. Thank you for a wonderful decade and I look forward to many more years at the premier psychic network, California Psychics… and many more wonderful people to aid in their journey, too. Call me and let’s find the answers together!

2 thoughts on “The Healing Heart of Helping Others

  1. Aisha x5865

    Great article Jesse… Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us and for all you do and have done to take the hand of others walking along this topsy turvy road of life!

    Peace and Many Blessings


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