Hanson-Roberts Tarot: September 22-28

Hanson-Roberts Tarot: September 22-28 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Hello, and welcome back. We return today to the Hanson-Roberts tarot deck for our reading this week. I love how the clarity of the images bring out the essential meaning of each card in this deck. As we transition from summer to fall with the Autumn Equinox on September 23, let’s allow the multifaceted and comforting truths of the Tarot to ease our transition. They remind us of how the cycle of life continues in a perpetually changing form then brings us around again to a new start with spring each year.

Significator of the week ahead: The Magician

“To dare-to will-to know-to be silent.” How does this well-known creed of the Magician apply to a situation that arises for me today? How have I leaked vital energy from the core of my life by compulsively “sharing” goals that are not yet crystallized? The Magician is summoning new ideas. He works to utilize the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, symbolized by the materials on his work table. He will use his tools with full concentration to create what he has envisioned in serenity and silence.

This week will be one to keep our own counsel, although actively engaged in the world. The time will come to share our creations freely with the world around us but it is not yet here. The archetypal Magician models how to do this for us.

September 22 – Sunday

 Queen of Cups

This Queen counsels us to drink deeply from the cup of life. She puts intense emotion and intuition before intellect. She is archetypally the Anima, the creative muse, the feminine part of each person regardless of gender. She represents a perfect love headed your direction who will teach you about emotion and intuition.

Who embodies the Queen of Cups for me today? What can I learn from her about depth of emotion and intuitive living? Hint: It could just as likely be a person of either gender.

September 23 – Monday

Eight of Pentacles

There will be an opportunity to learn something new today. Start with a “beginner’s mind” and it will be easier. Someone will offer an apprenticeship that would be well to take on. The card tells us to apply ourselves diligently and success will be realized.

What do I need to learn to get where I want to go? Which is the best way to learn it?

September 24 – Tuesday

Ten of Swords (reversed)

A situation you thought was totally over is not. This is good, or not so good, depending on the specifics of the situation. What is clear is that there is still something to learn from the association. This could be a love relationship, a job, a health symptom, or another circumstance or condition of your life.

Why is the Universe bringing this issue to my attention again today? What does it want me to realize so that I can move forward?

September 25 – Wednesday

The Moon

Today emotions are high-key. The Venus –ruled sky is requiring us to be in touch with feelings. It could be a good idea to consult with a friend, lover, or advisor who is sympathetic and insightful. Take time to understand what your feelings are telling you today about your current life situation. How can we increase feelings that truly bring joy and reduce or eliminate those which bring stress?

Honor your feelings today.

September 26 – Thursday

King of Cups (reversed)

Someone could approach us today with a proposition. The reversal suggests that we ponder whether it really helps us toward our goals or not. On the literal level, an individual not really free to form a relationship may nevertheless want to talk us into one. Feel in your soul whether it would be emotionally exploitative, or honoring to both self and life. Accept only your highest good. Deep down you know what it is.

September 27 – Friday

Three of Pentacles

The three of Pentacles tells us today that we have achieved mastery of our craft. The diligent concentration of the Magician and the open mind of the apprentice got us there. Others will ask for your encouragement and experience. Be generous with what you have learned and keep the wheel of life rolling forward. By doing so it will make even hard won lessons worth it.

How can I pass on to others today what will help them live more happily?

September 28 – Saturday

Nine of Cups

It’s a day to celebrate and let the good times roll! On the literal level, it looks like a wish will be granted. The joyful person is surrounded by golden cups and his rosy cheeks beam with joy and fulfillment.

Why not take a minute today to appreciate and amplify what deserves to be celebrated? In fact, why not spend the whole day doing just that?

A Fun Spread to Try: The Twelve House Zodiac Spread

This is a great spread because it addresses all twelve categories of life sectored within the twelve houses of the zodiac.

Shuffle the cards very well and spread them out left to right, face-down on the table. Ask Spirit to give you what you most need to know in each area of your life. Take a moment to run through your mind what those areas of concern are and what you would like to know about them. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and after five seconds open them to begin the reading. Choose, quickly and randomly, twelve cards from the deck and place them clock-wise in a circle on the table.

Turn over the card at the 1 o’clock position. This represents the first house of the self. Follow, until a total of twelve cards have been drawn. A significant issue will come to mind, to be explored with each subsequent card, which will relate to that house of the zodiac.

The basic house significations are as follows:

1-The self and personal presentation.

2-Money and possessions, also, the intangibles that we value.

3-Your immediate neighborhood, brothers and sisters, the people you encounter in a routine day regardless of physical location.

4-Your real estate property, the home of your ancestry.

5-Places we seek fun and pleasure. Sports arenas, theatres, restaurants and pubs, any other recreational locations. Romance and lovemaking.

6-Health and sickness, especially clinical settings. Small animals we keep as pets. People who do service work for us.

7-Your long-term partners, intimate friends, business partners.

8-Death, legacies, taxes, deep and secretive issues, jointly held money.

9-Travel and adventure (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Higher education.

10-Career and profession, public standing, reputation.

11-Group affiliations, clubs, collectives and cooperatives.

12-Dreams, psychic impressions, contacts from the spirit world, retreat and rest of a spiritual nature, solitude.

For a really in depth reading of each zodiac house, you can draw up to five cards per house, making a total of 60 cards. This will fill in details and will address the complexities and paradoxes of a given situation going on in each house.

Thanks for joining me for the Hanson-Roberts Tarot this week. See you next time!

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