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Cortney Litwin is a writer, astrologer and radio host. Her spiritually themed lifestyle articles appear in California Psychics’ newsletters – e-mailed daily to 2.5 million subscribers worldwide. Additionally, her long-running astrology column, AstroDreams, runs bimonthly in The Malibu Times.

As a professional astrologer with more than 20 years of experience reading charts, Cortney specializes in compatibility readings for couples. Part of her life’s work is to share her spiritual insights, astrological knowledge and talent for analysis to help people find true love – and keep it!

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  1. Carlo

    I was very glad to discover this site on yahoo.I waentd to say many thanks to you with regard to this superb post!! I definitelyliked every little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you post.

  2. Lauren

    I sometimes have gruesome, gory dreams. This is strange because I can barely watch gory movies! In this recent dream, I was an omniscient onlooker in a forest. There was a black bear, and a male deer with a large set of antlers. There was this park ranger that came to shoot the black bear, but the deer guided the bear into hiding. Then he challenged the park ranger, who thew down his shotgun and began to wrestle the buck. This was the park that got gross. The ranger and the deer lock together, and next thing I see is the deer tearing through the man’s throat, extracting parts of the body that I thought I should never imagine. What is this dream? Why did the deer protect the bear? Why would I allow myself to imagine something so graphic? I’ve also have had dreams about deer before but never with another animal. I thought maybe it was because my association with them since I grew up with my father hunting deer. But I feel like I’m missing a deeper meaning here.

  3. Theresa

    Hi Cortney, Is there a book or a reference to more about what happens when we sleep? Moving past the actual dreaming of events that we are worried about in waking life, but to more literal-type phenomena?

  4. sandra

    I don’t remember my dreams only like 1 every 3 years or so been going on for many years, why don’t I remember them. What does that mean?

  5. danielle lovell

    in my dream i am two or three years old i see my own self i kiss my self on the cheek i feel so special and loved but i am so confussed about this dream i also have dreams of my ex boyfriends the living and the deceased

  6. booklover

    I was wondering if I had an animal spirit guide or not because in the dreams I can remember an animal is almost always present.

  7. Ashley

    Hi Courtney im Ashley.I had this dream a while back this year about a kid called Aida.He was an african american.His mother was having a party and his mother went into his room.She found a note that Aida had wrote to himself saying that he hates his life and mother.Aida’s mother went outside and started yelling at him.Aida burst in tears.His mother was saying that when everyone left that she was going to beat him .Then Aida was so scared and escaped from his home.He tried to look for his friends house but he couldnt find it.He ended up at a office that then turned into a womans home who looked about 54 years old.The lady said who are you and what are you doing here.He responded by saying if he could stay at her house for a while.The lady said of course.Aida explained everything that happened to him.Later when it was night she told him where to sleep.As Aida layed down he turned into me.Thats all that happened.I have no idea what this dream means.I want you to figure this out please.

  8. jamie

    i have had dreams about my grandfather that i dont know except by pictures he has already crossed to the other side in my dreams every once in a while he tells me to come home but i still have a life to live i dont always know what to say to him .

  9. amber taylor

    i use to have a dream every now and then about me being in a gas station of some kind. Out the doors you enter the station, i can see a creek w/ a light flowing stream. In the store i am sitting on a shelf in one of the isle’s. A ghost, (who looks like someone i know) a young boy about my age, sit next to me. He kisses me and tells me things to make me feel good about myself. He tells me to follow him. so i do. we get to the creek outside then i start to drowned.
    Two years ago my best friend (a boy my age) Cody Mcmurry, died in a car accident. And now that dream has been more and more frequent. I dont understand the what the dream has to do with anything though.

  10. Avigail Bradley

    I have lost my mother in 1985 and I’ve lost my daughter (15 years old) in 2002. In my dreams of each one of them – my mother comes to me in my dreams as a young slim woman (which I recognize as my mom in her young age but she actually died at age 64), who gathers me in her arms and have me sitting with her on a bench comforting me. In my dreams of my daughter, I always see her clearly as a young 4-5 year old, jumping up and down as she used to do, smiling at me, waving to me, and wearing blue pajamas with a black belt which she had as a young girl (only I have forgotten about it and my other kids reminded me of these pajamas)- I always wake up from those dremas crying from deep inside of me and saying their names and feeling so sad.

    Why do I keep dreaming about them as younger and not as they were when they died?

  11. Dale


    I’m not asking about a specific dream, more about how I’ve been having dreams that eventually come true! I dream about places I’ve never seen or been before, places I don’t even know exist, and, within a few years, or so, I end up IN that place and the events in the dream, unfold EXACTLY as I dreamed them years, or even decades ago! So far, none have been the least bit important, like, something I could’ve used to help someone, or prevent something terrible from happenning, but it’s really weird that they come true years after I dreamed them. It’s also a bit strange that I can sometimes predict things. One day at work, the name Bo Diddley popped into my head for NO reason. That night, I got home from work, looked in the obits (for someone else) and there was a great big write-up for Bo Diddley in the obits!! A year ago, I was watching the last episode of, “The Prisoner”, starring Patrick Magoohan. The next day, I wondered how old he was and even said to myself, “I’ll bet he’s gonna die soon.” Minutes later, I got on line and the VERY FIRST thing I saw there was that Patrick Magoohan had just died the day before!! In Dec. I had the feeling that 201 would hit in the lottery, soon, so, I decided to play it on days that had those numbers in it: Jan. 2, 2010 (1, 02, 2010), Jan. 20th, Feb. 2nd, Feb. 10, Oct. 2. It hit Feb. 10!! Sadly, I got sidetracked that day and forgot to buy a ticket!
    Quite often, I’ll think of someone I haven’t seen or heard from in a while and they come waltzing through the door seconds later, or I get a phone call or e-mail from them, or, maybe I just bump into them on the street somewhere. Twice, in a matter of a minute or two, I predicted a machine at work was going to jam up and I wasn’t even looking at the machine at the time and both times I thought of that, the machine jammed up within 5 seconds! I even predicted exactly WHERE it was going to jam up!!
    So, what do you make of all this? Am I becoming psychic? I’ve had a dream or two from the `60’s come true in the `70’s or `80’s, but, it’s getting more frequent. Hope to hear from you, soon.


  12. Hi Cortney

    Lately I have some disturbing dreams of a ex girlfriend from a past relationship that ended 7 months ago. Two weeks ago I had the first dream of her and me in bed. Last week I had another dream of her and we were just outside somewhere talking and then the following day I had another dream of her and we were just looking and both wearing white. Last night was the most strange dream. Not sure it was a dream. I woke up around 3:00/3:30 in the morning with a knot in my stomach that made me bend over. The kind of knot you get when someone cheats on you. This went on for 30 minutes or so and I could feel it had something to do with the ex girlfriend. Either, she was sleeping with someone at that point or something else happened to her at that point. Right after 4:00am the knot started going away.

  13. Ezse Ejiofor Solomon


    I had this dream always ,I was with my ucle for some years ago but now i have left him for more thank 10years now but when i go to bed i dream where i was still with him .Again some time i dream where i was in the school which i have left for many years ago which i know i can not go back to school again .

    Last one was yesterday nigt been 25 jany 2010 i dreamed where i was carring 4 gallon of water on my head in the school which i have lest for many years now,

    Want is the meaning?

    Eze Ejiofor Solomon

  14. doreen koh siew tin

    When i was married,used to dream having sex with a man n knew it very sure that wasn’t my husband.Also of all my dreams,there seemed to have little children as my kids n unconditional love for them. One thing is clear that i’ll not stay long in my marriage n i’m divorce now for 9 years already.

  15. Marcia Holuba

    Hi Courtney, I have been having dreams about my dead sister and my aunt (the lady I called Mom because she brought me up) My real Mom died in child birth. We are always at her house which is now owned by her son. We are always laughing and having a good time. I never want to wake up because I really miss them terribly.
    I can always remember every aspect of my dream and I have them quite often. What do think it means.

  16. donald g white

    hi miss cortney.i’am a pisces 2 29 will i fair with this full blue moon.i have these dreams about beening the rebirth of elvis every night.what do you think.will my dreams ever come true. will you email me an let me know.

  17. soma

    I have been frightening at night on full moon or on no moon between 12 to pm
    why does it happens? and also if I see or watch some where concentrating then I can see some pictures but I can’t fetch it on paper why all these happens on me still today?

  18. chris

    Recently I have had a series of dreams about an ex-boyfriend. The first one was where he was with three other girls in his office, flirting, joking and laughing, then he took them for a ride in his car (convertible) where they all seemd to be having the time of their lives, and this dream ended where he gave one of the girls his car and she drove off. I asked him why he did this and he just laughed. I woke up.
    The next dream was him again at his place of employment with coworkers around, and clients as well. When I went to his office, he handed me a paper bag with a robot doll in it and when I looked at him, his face turned into a pit bull (dog). I woke up.
    The last one was (last might) where the traditional figure of the ‘devil’ was speaking to me, very surreal, yet real and very realistic costume, I must say. I don’t remember what he said, but I was paralyzed with fear.
    At this time the figure of the proverbial ‘vampire’ came forward and stood next to the ‘devil’ and they were both talking to me, seemed like with intent to scare me, and they did!suddenly a group of ‘undead’ types surrounded me, all talking. I remained terrified all during and then there was a heavy pressure, like a weight in the air pressing me down to the ground.
    Looking around, everyone, now ‘normal’ ones (people) appeared and all on the ground looking to the swirling sky which turned orange and red, we could hardly breath now as we all watched like a nuclear bomb exploding and felt the waves of the explosion in our bodies as great pain. We felt like, and knew, we were going to die. I looked to my side and my ex-boyfriend was there looking at me. We spoke but I don’t remember what was said, then I woke up.
    Usually I can figure out the meanings of my dreams, yet now am having difficulty making sense of them. My ex and I recently broke up in unpleasant way and we havn’t spoken to each other since. Please help me understand what my subconscious is trying to tell me.
    Thank you,

  19. indigodanceCarole

    Can you tell me what it means to see a night rainbow in my dream. It was beautiful !!!
    I dreamt I was asked to go into the back garden of one of my neighbours (nothing unusual – nice old man (86)who often shows me his garden) He said listen to this … music was playing “waltz” type “Vera Lynn” – “We’ll meet again” (old WW2 music) – with that, we started dancing/waltzing in his garden (it was dark and we had our coats on) – very sweet. I then looked up at the night sky and saw the most beautiful night rainbow !!
    I am having problems with a male friend (only a friend, but very important to me) – could this be somthing to do with him. I had an email from him the next morning when I came down expressing concern that I may not be getting his emails – the time was unusual as he must have been up very late (there is 7 hr time difference between us). We have never actually met – but grown very fond of each other. I was wondering if there was a link?

  20. Susan

    I was married for 18yrs to a man who was physically, emotionally &verbally abusive to me.We have been divorced 13 yrs. Over the last18 mos I have dreams about him in different situations but they all end with him trying to hurt me or someone close to me. Recently 2 of my daughters told me that their dad said he had been having recurring dreams about having a gun and shooting me. Is this coincidence or should I be worried?

  21. LIsa Glass

    I am being haunted. Not in my house, but by my dreams, night and day. I have had images of being a young girl in the woods of Ireland. I remember little girls dancing in dresses all with flower crowns and barefeet. I remember one flash of a man on a horse getting ready to kill someone. The man looks like my current husband. I had been bothered by progressive dreams of a log cabin and an older man that knew my Father. He said I was going to grow to love him and when he realized that I was afraid of him after 10 years of these dreams, he said he wouldn’t bother me anymore. I haven’t dreamt of him since. That was 5 years ago. My sister read my palm and said I am extremely attached to my past lives. All 600 years worth. Am I really? Everyone in my dreams are SO familiar. Am I crazy?
    By the way, I really love the Elizabethan era, the late 1920’s and I even know the next line in an old movie when I know I’ve never seen it. Can you explain all these attachments? Thank-you.

  22. Peyton

    Hello Cortney,
    Recently I had 3 consecutive dreams about my deceased mother who passed when I was 15. In my dreams, she never talks, but always looks happy and content. In the first one, I introduced her and my father to the man I care for very much and would like to be with. She did not say anything, but looked up at him and smiled in a familiar way. In the second dream, he and I were playing text tag trying to meet up with each other for a date. When we finally caught up with each other, he came to my house (a house I did not recognize) where my mother was sitting in a chair waiting. He sat on the sofa next to her and they talked while I went to go change clothes. When I came back into the living room where they were, they were done talking, and she was smiling. She did not say anything to me, as if I was not meant to know what they discussed, even though I know it was about me. In the third dream, me, my mother and my godmother (one of my mother’s best friends) were at the office where I work and the guy came out of one of the offices and greeted us all very warmly and referred to us as “beautiful”. I went ahead and introduced him to my godmother. My mom had that same bright smile on her face. I have never dreamed about my mother so often in such a short span of time (3-4 weeks) and I have no idea what it or any of the dreams mean. I don’t want to read too much into any of them, but I they have really been on my mind. I appreciate any insight you could offer. Thank you.

  23. Cheryl

    Hi Cortney,
    I would like your thoughts/feedback on the topic of compatibility by sign. I’m a Sagittarius and the man I’m interested in is a Pisces. According to compatibility, Pisces is the worst for a Sag. What are your thoughts? Can a relationship work between these signs?

  24. Joanne

    I have a hard time interpreting my dreams.. They all revolve around the same person but contradict each other. IS is because I am still on the fence post waiting for him to make a move??

  25. Cortney

    Hi Roberta! I’m delighted you enjoyed the Cosmic Sutra astrology and dream shows on KarmaSol. I miss interacting with the listeners, so I will probably reinvent the show sometime soon.
    Best of luck to you!

  26. Roberta

    Happy to see the new blog community, Cortney! I was a fan of KarmaSol and miss not tuning in every week.

  27. Cortney

    Hi Lynn, people born on a Mercury Retrograde will be more in the flow of communications and have an easier time of retrograde Mercury periods than people who were born with Mercury direct.

  28. Lynn

    You hear the warnings about Mercury going retrograde, but how does this affect people who were born when Mercury was retrograde?


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